Dog friendly rental Leiden

Hi all,

I am moving to Leiden in a couple if months and am bringing my dog. I am wondering how hard it is to find accommodation that is pet friendly and if anyone has any suggestions for finding a place?
Are there some rental companies that deal with this or would most apartments take dogs?

Thanks in advance for any advice!


Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Rental accommodation in the Netherlands is in very short supply, for this reason, it's expensive and landlords can be choosy who they rent to.

Unfortunately, dogs do sometimes have strange odours and carry insects that are difficult for others.  For this reason, most landlords don't permit them, they are more trouble than they are worth and they will be able to rent the property to somebody else with no problem.

Legally, there is nothing that will force any landlord to allow you to live in his/her property with any pets, not just dogs.  My experience is that sadly, most landlords do not allow dogs in rental apartments.

I know I haven't helped, but I do wish you the best of luck in your journey and finding a place for you and your dog.

Expat Team