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We came to the Netherlands for my job and I started working. We received our BSN the first week I arrived and we are currently living in a house with a registered address. I have to move out of this house at the end of September and I will move to my new address-registered house in November. So, as a qualified immigrant working in the Netherlands and having a BSN number, I have to stay unregistered in Airbnb for approximately 33 days. Do you think this will cause a serious problem?

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You can register from an Airbnb address.  My advice would be to give the Gemeente a call and see what they want for such a short period of time.

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Sorry to say, but yes.

This will affect your residency ... down the line.

The offices in every city/village keep track of your registered address and you have to be registered back to back. It's not that big of a deal if you are a Dutch citizen but if you are here on a residence permit etc it will affect your status.

I have been here 23 years, and there were a couple of times at least I had to go to the gemeente and request this paper that listed all of my housing registrations. Now, I have forgotten the word .. but something like 'oustralin...'

Anyway, I paid a small fee to get this when I applied for my permanent residence permit - which you can get after 5 years and ummmm there was another time that I had to get a copy. Maybe it was when I got my Dutch passport? But I don't think so.

I am pretty sure I needed to get this for some reason or another at least 2 times, and each time I remember scanning it carefully to make sure there were no gaps.

My suggestion as suggested by the above poster is that you rent an AirB&B for those 33 days and register at THAT address with the gemente.  I don't understand what you mean by an 'unregistered AirB&B'  though. I think you need to bring in a rental agreement or proof that you live there when you register at the Gemeente. I mean it IS a real house a real residence, and you are paying rent.

To be sure I would go to the gemeete and just tell them .. your final residence will not be ready for 33 days so can you rent an Airbnb and use that address? I mean you definitely are not the only person that has been in this position.

But in my experience, there can be NO gaps in your legal registration on the books with the gemeente.