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Hi Everyone, I am a US citizen, my husband is Swedish. We have been living together for 5 years in the US but want to move to Sweden. I am wondering if anyone has any information to share regarding the moving process specific to not only the turnaround time in general (apart from what i can see on the MV website 10-15 months) but when children are involved. Is there a priority processing given to an application where children of the couple moving to Sweden are involved? Is the turnaround time faster? Also, if I go to Sweden on a student visa, how soon can you apply for a more permanent card?

Any information you have would be wonderful.

Hi! They no longer grant priority on cases but you can apply for a permit residence based on your family ties (your husband and children) and then ask to move the application to an inside application based on the fact that you want/need to be with your children. They don't always grant this but it's worth a try. Do keep in mind that in order to apply for this your husband already needs to have a job and a place to live.

If you go for the student visa instead, I think you can only apply for a permanent visa until the other one is about to expire (extensions can only be applied to one month before the original visa is expiring), but I'm not sure about that case. I hope I helped you in some way. Good luck!

Hi there where in USA are you? Have you registered your kids for personnummer already? Are they Swedish citizens by dad's citizenship?

I have similar questions I want to move in 3 months this summer!! I am Swedish and all kids got Swedish from me just husband is US citizen so we also have special needs kids and wondering the same thing I need my husbands help with the kids and I can't work until I have kids help! also need to find a place to rent besides my parents small apartment yikes !!

I heard the interviews in USA will be conducted only in Washington DC after this summer 2018 and no longer done at local consulates !! I am in Seattle WA..

Best of luck

Going thru a similar thing( My kids and  I are US citizens, husband Swedish). The wait time is too long. I just had an interview at the Atlanta consulate and I was told that the wait time is now up to 2 years and they advised us to apply for an extended visa to stay more than 90 days in Sweden if we do not want to be apart meanwhile.  However, my kids and I cannot go to school or have health benefits etc while waiting.
I have tried applying as a student then but universityadmissions are overwhelmed and marked me as non english speaker and deleted my application. Then  I learned that I had to pay 180.000 SEK per year as a student since I do not have any personnumber anyways. 
It looks like they are really overwhelmed with applications.
Good luck!

Waw OMG that is crazy 2 years !!!
When did you apply before being interviewed? What about the maintenance requests is your husband in Sweden working or still in USA? What about the apartment living requirements?

So basically if I move my husband could come in a visitor visa while waiting? Can he do that before the interview or after?
You know like 6 yrs ago the wait was like 4/5 months!!

Best of luck and did you decide to stay in USA or go to Sweden and wait on a visa ?
Can you homeschool the kids from Sweden ? You may be able to buy healthcare coverage from the airline ticket carrier but not sure how long it lasts ? Oh wait a minute your kids are automatically Swedish why didn't your husband apply for their personnummer??? Do that and they can get Swedish benefits! I think then only you need coverage. Ask the Swedish consulate to get their person number done that is how I added them after birth ..


Thank you all for such helpful advice and answers! It's disheartening to hear that the wait time is 2 years :( We do not want to wait that long for us to be in Sweden together. We are attempting to get more information from the Swedish immigration folks when we are visiting the end of this month by setting up a meeting. I will let you know if we get an appointment to ask our questions, but in the mean time if you all want to send me general questions to ask I will add them to my own list.

Let me know how you all make out, and I'll keep you posted on our situation.

hi there

oh please do ask them I plan on calling tonight from USA need a calling card lol.
can you please ask them how strict the maintenance requirements are for me if I am Swedish with 3 Swedish kids and only Husband is US citizen. if I have kids with disability can my husband come and wait with me in Sweden on a visit visa?  how can I work and rent a place alone with no support from husband or even government? I need a babysitter to work and my kids are 4 and 6.

also as far as income goes can I count my recent job as independent contractor from having long distance income as interpreter/translator if I get paid overseas from USA? also how much assests are they asking for if I have no job right away? we are a family of five.

thanks for asking if you can :)
Good luck!!

where are you moving from? and where is your meeting going to be in Sweden MV? or are you in Sweden already waiting for husband?


itzelnj :

If you go for the student visa instead, I think you can only apply for a permanent visa until the other one is about to expire (extensions can only be applied to one month before the original visa is expiring), but I'm not sure about that case. I hope I helped you in some way. Good luck!

May I ask you, how can my fiance come and study in Norway? Is it easy to get a student visa for that purpose after he applies to the university?
I live in Sweden but the waiting time is too long and we want to find an alternative to meet soon. He also wants to get a Master on his field but to study in Sweden if you are not registered in the country yet is expensive. So we want him to study in Norway where it's free and at least we can meet every month let's say. Much better than Sweden - Tunisia at least..
Any advice on how to become a student in  Norway would be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance!

Hi! I really have no clue, I have never been through that process myself. Why don't you ask about student visas in the Norway forum? Or check their migration laws? I've only been through the Swedish visa process so I really can't help you.


Do you have ideas how to apply student visa in Sweden?Is it easy to get approved ?

I will ask. Thank you

Hey guys, my swedish wife is pregnant, and we applied for a residence permit, now its been a month, can i apply for a visa to visit my wife or something or anything to accelerate the procedures, thank you

Hey All,

Just a quick one, my girlfriend lives in Sweden and i'm in Sydney Australia, we have been together since January but have know one another for 7 years, earlier this year we went on holiday together and i just returned from Sweden after being there nearly two months, met all of her family and close friends also, She is coming to Sydney in January 2019 for 4-6 weeks holiday.

We are now looking at the visa options in regards to "Sambo" and moving to someone in Sweden, first time for both of us, if anyone can offer up key advice and any do's and dont's?

I know alot has been spoken on here about waiting times for visa approval, and i'm guessing that it varies for everyone can take a month or 16 months? Just wanted to reach out and grab some advice.

Thanks again

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