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Hi guys, I am newbie here. By the way, Im from Philippines and was applying online for Residence Permit to live in Sweden last February 2017.  Until now I do not know what is the status for my application because i did not receive yet any emails from the immigration. My boyfriend in Sweden always follow up our application. The Swedish Immigration sent him an email and ask a proof that we met and already know each other. And my boyfriend send them a bunch of pictures of us because everyday we took picture because thats the only way to prove that we meet everyday the time when he was here in Philippines for almost 4months. He sent also a boat ticket when we travel and also the photocopy of his passport.
Actually, we met my boyfriend on dating site only. We been chatted month of October 2016, and we met November 2016 then we live together from November until February here in Philippines. And before he went home we process my Residence Permit because we are serious and genuine  to our relationship. We both single, no kids and never been married. He is 52 and I am 29 years old. I know this is a rush decison but we already know each other and live together for about 13 weeks. Im a little bit worried and scared that my application will be denied because we met for a short time only then process my residence permit. I hope my application will be granted.

Hello there, im from Cebu also we applied residence permit last october 2016 and til now we still waiting for  the interview...just think positive😊

really? i guess it takes more than one year to process. I met one woman here on this forum and she said she's been waiting for 16 months already and nothing happen for the application. So sad.

Yes, theres a situation like that some are waited for 2 years and still nothing happen, but it depends upon how they handle the different apps cases, applying this kind of application just like winning the lottery if the MV give us a positive result...hoping for the best for both of us and other applicants who are waited so long..😊

Residence Card Application can take about 2week up to 15month even more. So just wait.

but how do we know if the application will be denied? do they send any notification?  because for those applications denied they should inform so that can apply again if possible.

Short time relationship doesn't affect your application. We have almost the same situation. I met my boyfriend october 2015 and apply February 2016 for Residence Permit. But I live in Denmark before while He lives in Sweden we meet almost everyweekend and holidays. My working visa in denmark expires.  Now, I am in Philippines in my homecountry waiting for the visa as I am not allowed to wait inside sweden.

Usually they will deny you from the very start of the application, like not yet been interview but ofciurse they will gove you reason ahy and you can appeal on it. It is very rare situation that they will deny you after interview or waited so long. And Mostly reason is the Income of your cohibitant and the Housing rules.

Wait for the interview email usually takes 3-5 months for a reply. After interview you can apply for visit visa. 😄

Worst is mine waited almost 16months now.😐

Thank you for your response kataugusto..  You enlighten me a little bit about Residence Permit Application.

Its been four months now since i applied, so im just hoping by this month or next month i will receive a notification from the immigration for an interview.

I think the income of my boyfriend is okay. He's been working at the hospital as a curator/ guidance counselor. For now, since his mom is alone in her house he's living with her temporarily because he move out to his apartment last year by the time when he visited me here in Philippines but this coming month of July he is going to move in to his new apartment which is close to his workplace.

By the way, he already sent some more documents needed for the application like the documents about his moms house. And also about his salary. I hope everything goes okay..

Everything will go well. I'm prett sure if there is a problem or they need anything they will diffenitely contact you. You don't need to worry. By the way there is a facebook group of a filipino-swedish association where people who are waiting and granted visa. I can add you there so if you have more question and clarification they can answer it also can gather more information.

Hello.  I'm new here also. And have been waiting for my residence permit.  I'm waiting for their email to book for an appointment.  I'm so thankful that you have a group like this. It really helps a lot.

I'm also from cebu

Hi ou mean after interview you can take torist visa so living in sweden as tourist will not affect on the on going process? Thank you for your response

Hello is the page of filipino swedish in facebook still existing i want to join please how to make it thank you

Hello neriza, glad to meet you here how is your application on getting reisdent permit how long it takes from you before you were granted? Thank you

Hello girls! Could you pls enlighten me with the documents that need to be attached with the application? Cenomar, passport and passsport copies, photos, Swedish tax report, anything else's? And where did you pass your application? Coz someone told me Embassy of Sweden no longer process resident permit application and give it to Norway instead, is this true? Thanks for replies!


Im new here. Currently in Sweden under a visitor's visa. Originally came here on a Schengen visa. I am a filipina will be married here in Sweden to a citizen this Oct. How will I apply for a residence visa? I'm not sure where to start. Any advice would do :D

Thanks :D

are you in Sweden now?

andix70 :

are you in Sweden now?

The member that posted above you has clearly said that she is in Sweden now.

How are you accommodating yourself? Is it easy to find? I am looking to share a room.

andix70 :

How are you accommodating yourself? Is it easy to find? I am looking to share a room.

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