Resident/permit decision waiting time

Hi you all have just been from the interview .they asked me to do the bio metrics after the interview finished,which I did .this was just on Tuesday 5th of December. Does anyone know how long I am supposed to wait ?and I thought was wierd since you are supposed to take bio metrics after the decision has been made !
Any replies or would be grateful thank u

Mine done In one week after Biometrik.

Wow ! Did you also do the biometrics the same day as the interview?

I just thought that i was the luckiest one comparing thousands people who applied for residence permit. I did not get any interview at all because my document was complete. So after biometric my permit card sent in a week only. I have posted about my situation in other tread. Try find it. And oh yaaaa.. I got 5 year validation. 😁

Wow yes you are the luckiest one ,I have read your post,I must say you are the only one .others have been waiting long time and to think that you didn't go even for interview wow .I did my interview and the biometrics the same day ..but to others I have read that you do the biometrics after you get the decision. Am just hoping that doing the biometric was a good sign.have only been a week of waiting since my interview.
Hoping to get a good news soon

No no no.. I have biometric and then i got desicion in a week. I applied on 25july and my permit granted on 11th August and card sent in 17th. I applied by post. And i came to the imigration on that 11th August. Thats it. Andno interview. They just took my biometric and done. And card sent a week after.

Wow yours is a special case I must say .wow hope I get a good news soon also :) were you married when  you applied or you got married when you  arrived? Cheers

We married In Indonesia last Year 15th December 2016
We Aplied :
SCHENGEN VISA In 30 May 2017
VISA GRANTED (90Days Valid)  In 11 June 2017
I Came to Sweden in 04 July 2017
I Applied Residence Permit In 25 July 2017
Residence Permit Biometric In 11 August 2017
Residence Card Sent to my address in 17 August 2017
I Applied Personnummer In 21 August 2017
I got my personnummer in 10 October 2017

All done now.. 😊

Wow okay congratulations I feel good after I read your replies ..its a good feeling and hopes to .hoping mine to go as faster as yours .:)

As long as u meet the requirement and documents complete,  all be good. Good luck

Will inform you and thank you x

I did my biometrics too the same day of the interview, I think they just do it to make it faster so in case you get approved your card will be produced with no delays. There is no way to know for sure how long it will take after interview, it was a month for me but I've heard of people who have waited up to a year. Good luck! :)

itzelnj wrote:

I did my biometrics too the same day of the interview, I think they just do it to make it faster so in case you get approved your card will be produced with no delays. There is no way to know for sure how long it will take after interview, it was a month for me but I've heard of people who have waited up to a year. Good luck! :)

Hi itzelnj ,wow a month ? That was fast! When did you apply ?the application date? What was your case ? Mine is to move to my partner /cohabitation one . Iam anxiously waiting and hoping that it doesn't take long for us since now the waiting time at the website is 19-27months .

My case is a bit unusual. I applied on October 16 and was approved November 20, if I remember correctly. They are really trying to change the way they do things and no application should take more than 9 months as of July 2018. They also speed up complete cases, so if everything looks alright in your case, you shouldn't worry. I also applied to move to my partner :) best of luck to you!

Yeah I am praying for it ..and yes I heard they have already started working on 2017 cases .let you know how it goes anxiously waiting for a positive decision since I miss my boyfriend soo much even if it was just June I was last in Sweden ☺️.the thing is my interview I waited for 2 months .

Hey veoveronica,which country are from ?and when did you apply?was the 3weeks after the interview or after the application ? Am still waiting since December after the interview nothing but hopefully soon ..☺️

Yeah hopefully after 3months I get the decision too ..December I guess because of holiday and all..let u know how it turns out thank you 😊

Hi Salwahallison, we have same situation I'm done my interview last 19th of December 2017 before the interview the interviewer took me photo and fingerprints as well. Do you think this is the new procedure or this is the part of application for residence permit?
Hoping to get a reaponse to anyone who have the same situation ...Godbless

Hey girlzone ,still nothing from MV which country did u apply from ? And yes they do this nowadays so save the trip back to the embassy when u get the decision the card can take less days .hoping to hear the decision and a positive one soon :)

Thanks for the reply..I applied online and my interview was held in Embassy of Sweden Abu Dhabi. How about you which country you applied and when?
Thats good news that the biometric will be done on the same day of interview.

Hoping to receive a goodnews I don't know when all we need to do is to pray and be patient.

Hi I applied on August online 2017 . interview ibdid in December 2017 in embassy if Sweden in Nairobi Kenya truly praying since have seen others who applied in 2017 getting their decisions in sha Allah ours is around the corner :) when do you Apply?

I also applied last August 2017 and after that I received email from MV on the month of November to submit some supporting documents and asking me to get schedule for my interview and it was done last December 19,2017.I hope we receive a good news very soon.Godluck for both of us.

Wow we are the same applied august both interviews on December ...hopefully we get the decision the same month too good luck to us let's keep in touch God bless

:) Goodluck for both of us.Godbless

Girlzone good luck to us and God bless :)

Hi Salwah,
I have been following this thread for sometime now.. Do you have any updates?
I applied from India. No interview, only biometrics. I have a long travel history and my latest Schengen visa was valid till 26th Feb.
Mine is a work permit applied from the employer. I got the work permit application approved in 15 days. I went for biometrics few days ago and now waiting for my residence permit card.
I think Sweden is fairly reasonable when it comes to such decisions.
Good luck with your application and please keep us posted.

Hi drvenki ,work permit tend to take lesser days nowadays since from last years new rules,a lot of people I know ,they applied 2017 and already been given the decision ..MV works in mysterious ways ,no line up nothing .but hopefully I get my decision soon since it now going to 7months since I applied .the only update I have is I and my partner sent in his employment contract .I will keep u guys informed and all the best at work 😊

Did you finally get the answer?? Which country are you? I'm peruvian, I applied online the last days of March and i've been waiting for almost a year. I'll have my interview on next May and dunno how long there will take for the decision. My husband and me are so anxious to be together again, we got married last january, but when i applied we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I wish i know how it's the interview, i get really nervous to talk with strangers, I've heard it's similar like the things we wrote in application and this is more like a conversation, is it true?

Hey, Penelope! Don't worry about the interview, they'll ask questions about your relationship. Just be relaxed and answer honestly! I doubt that it will take much longer after the interview since you've already been waiting for so long but keep your hopes up! I'm sure the end is near :)

Hey Penelope ,don't be nervous they normally ask you the questions same as the application form questionaire you filled in ,basic stuff like how u guys met ,what's the name of his family members (for me they asked about his sister ,my bf said its because she doesn't live in Sweden they wanted to see if we share and talk )so names of the parents his siblings keep in mind , :) further more its more like havinng a conversation opening up to someone about your relationship,(I got a Swedish woman she was nice made me comfortable, I was soon nervous but it went away in couple of minutes,since u waited that long for an interview the decision won't be that far away ,lycka till and keep us updated :)

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Legend fable ,hej
I know how you feel ,but from reading other forums it doesn't matter when u the interview some do it at the end to a decision some at the beggining ,I stopped looking emails just a month ago since its depressing when you find nothing in the inbox I also look in the spam box 🙁  ,hoping I get a decision soon before summer if iam lucky have been waiting now 7.5months .
About MV they are never straight forward only copy pasted replies ,like my bf told me he has email stating we have a case officer then .so emailed them again I got the case officer and his details to contact him then when my bf sent an email to ask what else do they need any more info ,a copy pasted email stating we don't havent been assigned to anyone 😑 .

But don't worry you will hear the email soon since new complete applications they get decision fast .
Good luck  :)

Salwahallison:I hope so 🙏thanks for your reply,  I hope it goes smoothly for all of us.

All the best of luck to all of us :)

Hello from South Africa, thanks for sharing this post. I've applied to move to my partner in Sweden on 04 July 2017, we are still waiting for MV to let us know about the interview and biometrics. They have emailed my partner today to ask for a little more information. Hope we are close to getting some feedback 🙌

Hey Sarah ,yeah it means someone is looking at your application something is moving ,and asking for additional info ,my bf sent to them and a week later I got the email to book for an interview .fingures crossed for you let us know what happens good luck :)

That is super awesome! Yeah it seems the situation at MV is really starting to stabilize - I hope you get your response soon! Fingers crossed 🤞🏽🤞🏽🇸🇪

Yes Sarah I hope for good news very soon actually praying before summer :) good luck to all of us who are waiting love conquers all :) Sarah let us know how it goes :)

Thanks Salwa - where in Sweden will you be moving to?

Hej Sarah to karlstad Sweden what about you ? :)