Work Visa for 1 Year

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Looking for advice on how to get work visa for one year. Will be open to taking advice/services of lawyers based in DR.


Welcinee to the forums. First you need to find  a company wanting to hire you and sponsor you. That is the hard part.

Thanks Planner.

Our company needs to send a IT consultant on Contract to DR for a project requirement. We are based in UK and we will be paying him.

Please advise.

But you are not based here is that correct?   How long will they be here? And it is part of a project for a company based here or based there? So who is the client. I will message you privately.

Will the embassy accept a job letter from the company that is notarized by a lawyer? or is there more to it? Will a one page letter be sufficient?

The document created by the company must be submitted and approved by the Ministry of Work.  That is what you need, the approval and the letter.

Best advice;  just go there, do your work, don't tell anybody, pay the fee when you leave after one year.   No fuss,  no bother.

PeteZZZ that is bad advice. She wont have a job to go to without the visa!

FYI the gov't has cracked down and continues to do so on  illegal employees!  IF an employee is not registered with the gov't there are consequences - expensive ones!  And if an employee is paid under the table it is not a recognized business expense.

How do i get a visa if i am not salaried employee of a company but the company and myself will have a contract for business. I refer them clients and get a commission.

That wont qualify as a work visa honey. Sorry.

planner :

The document created by the company must be submitted and approved by the Ministry of Work.  That is what you need, the approval and the letter.

If the company in UK is the one that will pay for the employee, then is not necesary a  work Visa, need a bussines visa that will let you stay in the country for more than 30.

The work visa would be need it if they company here is the one that will pay your salary and wants hire you because needs you and all the paperwork is make by the Labor department, and once is approved then the company here must start to tax your salary on the TSS as every single formal worker in the Dominican Republic.

To come on turist card will let you stay here only for 30 days and after that then when you leave will have to pay the fee that inmigration charge depending on how long have you overstay.

So in my understand if you will like assesoring in that project thats what you must ask for a bussines visa.

It sounds like she will be living here. IF living here and working here she needs a work visa. A business visa wont do it, that is for coming and going!

planner :

It sounds like she will be living here. IF living here and working here she needs a work visa. A business visa wont do it, that is for coming and going!

I used to work in a factory where they sent people here for some projects, they didnt get pay here, with not issues,  the person from time to time leave it and come back.

And that is not legal. Look,  it does not matter where you get paid or who pays you. The law here is territorial, if your feet are on the ground then the law applies to you! 

A business owner or consultant can get A BUSINESS VISA which allow them to enter and leave multiple times. There are very specific limits on this.

That does not mean many many people dont do this, they do!   But lets be clear on what the law states!  Then people make their choices!

I have a friend who has a job offer at the American Embassy. She is American married to a Dominican. She will  get paid in US dollars to her US bank account. AND she cannot start work as her Work Visa is not yet ready!

The company wanting to hire me went to process the job proposal with the ministry of labor and was told I need to be approved with immigration before they can approve the job proposal. What are they talking about?!? But I was told in order for me to get a work visa i need an approved job proposal... how do i get a card from immigration to get an approved job proposal then submit for a work visa. Very confusing.

this is not right.  The company goes and files the letter requesting approval for you in a position. It has nothing to do with immigration approval at that stage. I am going to recommend you talk to Lily, She is an immigration lawyer who knows her stuff. Her phone and whatsapp  809-860-1231 She will walk you thru this!  Sounds like the company needs to contact her for help as well.

Found out i need permiso para trabajar. Figuring out how to get that. Thanks will contact her’

Perfect she is waiting for you!

I am in the process of getting my DR Work Visa and as such am not able to leave Canada until it is processed which has been awful as normally I would be in DR for my vacation weeks before work which is scheduled to begin August 1 in Cap Cana.  The DR Consulate in Canada (Toronto) is giving me a very difficult time with the documents, they have them all but now they are saying that one of the stamps on the Carta Guarantee is not clear enough ...this has been already a 3-4 month process and the documents to my knowledge are not even in the DR yet to get the visa approval, is there ANYTHING I can do or anyone I can contact to expedite this process.  Thank you for any insight or assistance.

The first step would have been approval of your work offer contract. THEN you are doing your part there. Until that is approved nothing happens here. Once approved there you will get a  visa to come here and apply here.  That next step is a pretty straight forward one here.  If all is good there then it pretty much gets rubber stamped here.

What stamp are they claiming is unclear? Get that document reissued if needed.  Sorry for all the hassle you are going thru.

The Consulate in Canada is saying the following:

Please re-send the copy of this letter, the information is not legible when printed. The Stamp from the Attorney's is blurry.

Which is in regards to the Carta Guarantee being legalized

When I read this, my understanding is that you sent a digital copy and when they printed it it was not legible. 

Send them a legible photo copy of the original, even if you have to go to a good copy shop to get it done, send it to them and apologize for any inconvenience it may caused and thank them for their diligence, time and efforts to assist you.

I breezed through this process, because I have the experience to know what I am talking about.

Do not question them, assume you are always in the wrong and do whatever they ask to fix it.   


Thank you thank you, I just sent a very apologetic email, and the school confirmed that they mailed the original documents directly to the consulate last Thursday of which they should arrive at the latest by this Wednesday.

I do not have the original, they were very late from the school - lawyer - ministry in the DR to get the documents processed, so there are about 20 teachers abroad that are suppose to arrive August 1st and at this point it is not looking favourable for that date for anyone, most are from the US.

Fingers crossed when the papers arrive in Canada this week, things will be formatted and correct for the process to be completed.

Any idea how long it takes once the documents are sent back to DR for the work visa to actually get the stamp??  They are telling me up to 30 days possibly but could also be 5 lol

Well, as far as I know, nothing goes back to the DR.  The Consular comes to Toronto.  The reason they cannot tell you how long it will take is because the people in the office don't have an answer from the Consul as to his schedule.  You have to work in stages.  Be nice with the girl at the desk.  She does all of the leg work and prepares it for the Consul.  If everything is in order and without question he will apply his signature and stamp and bob's your uncle.

The girl there will do her best.  If you speak nicely with her and ask her to call you if there is anything else she needs from you, she will.   If you don't hear from her, everything is moving as fast as it can.

Make an impression on the girl (a good one) and your GOLD.

Think DR, not Canada.

If it's the same girl in Toronto as a few years ago....
she's very helpful

You guys are being really helpful!  Thanks.


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