Getting DR residency while already in the DR

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I was wondering, does anyone know if you can apply for DR residency while being in the DR on a tourist visa? I know you need the residency visa to enter the country to Do the second part of the residency application. But what if you enter on a tourist visa instead? Can you continue that  process (going to the immigration department, getting medical tests on the ground, signing papers etc) while on a tourist status? If yes, how would that work? Anyone ever did that?

Appreciate any light on this, thank you

There is a "sticky" thread here you can read all about getting your residency.  I believe the process needs to start in your home country and not here in the DR.

Bob K

The quick answer is no you cannot. You need to go home and start the paperwork!

Hello Camie 127,

As the comments above indicate, no that is not possible. The law does not permit that, because first one must have a residency visa in order to apply for residency. Whereas a tourist visa is just for visiting.

Not all that apply for a residency visa qualify to obtain that kind of visa, but most can easily obtain a tourist visa.

Thank you for the insight! I appreciate it.
So technically, I could come into the DR on a tourist visa to visit, then go back home, and come back on the residency visa (when it's finally ready) to finish the residency process?

Yes that is what you need to do.

Hi Camie127,

The residency visa given by the Dominican consulate is good for one entry to the Dominican Republic within 60 days. But the Immigration government offices charges 5000 pesos (app. US$105) if the residency is not deposited within 30 days. Thus it´s best to come back to the DR as soon as you obtain the visa to avoid additional fees. If the visa holder deposits the file with Immigration after the 60 day period an additional 5000 pesos will be charged. These fees continue increasing the longer the visa is expired.


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A lot of people think it's not worth all the trouble and expense. For those thousands of dollars you blow on it, it will be more than you spend on the airport shakedown, even if you fly once a year.   Divide 4000 pesos into the average figure most waste on the residency.  Then factor in the time and hassle.

Absolutely correct for many people.

This works until the rules change and get stricter.

And there are signs that it is going to get more difficult in the future to live here without a residency.

Bob K

IF they get too strict,THEN even more will go to all those other countries that compete for gringo dollars.  Some say they won't make it too strict and hold the controversial stance that the gov is not as stupid as it seems.  I myself think they very well could be.

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