Aramex Shop & Ship - RIyadh

Has anyone used Aramex Shop & Ship in Riyadh?

I wanted to ask:

How much does it cost?
How do you like it?

Has anyone tried the lifetime membership? 

Any info would be appreciated.


I wouldn’t say it’s as convenient as amazon if you are used to western standards

They have one time membership fee and you will assigned PO Box in US, UK, China, Turkey and a few others.
Rate will be calculated per 1/2 kg starting from SR. 35. pls visit the website  shopandship. com/en/about/how-sns-works

Thank you for the information!

I noticed there's a fee for Shop and Ship Lifetime membership. I was wondering if it was worth it.

Also, how good are the prices compared to other services available? I'm not aware of what's available in Saudi, unfortunately!

saudipost, dhl and a few others are offering same service but when it comes to price and service aramex is better.

I look at Shop & Ship and Aramex as two separate services.  Aramex tends to be cheaper when compared to DHL, FedEx, UPS....etc but that all depends on weight and location.  Shop & Ship comes in handy when you're shopping online and the online store only ship within there country (e.g. buying an item from a US store that only ships within the US).  Situations like this, I use my Shop & Ship address and Aramex forwards it to me here in KSA.  Other than that, Aramex is just like any other courier service.

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