Where can i get abaya on a cheapest price Riyadh

Hi Folks,

kindly suggest to me from where we can buye cheapest Abaya in riyadh, i know about batha , i couldn't find latest abaya there on a reasonable price.

Your suggestion to me will be highly appreciated !

If you're interested then go for online shopping thats better IMO.

I suggest you to search abaya in souq.com  or wadi.com

Thanks for your guidance and appreciated, but i am looking Abaya to buy offline and your suggested online shopping site price is too high according to my budget, my budget is Max.100 SAR.

Please suggest accordingly !


Olaya Aqariah building number 2. Enter from Gate 10 and goto first floor. There are 4-5 abaya shops in very reasonable prices. My wife has stop going to Batha market after trying them. And she was purchasing from batha for 4-5 years. Nice abayas in 100-150 range. On Sale stands are separate with max SR. 100.

There are good shops in Qasr Mall ground floor also. But SR. 100 would be quite tight to shop from there.

Hope this helps.

Sahilhayat wrote:

Thanks for your guidance and appreciated, but i am looking Abaya to buy offline and your suggested online shopping site price is too high according to my budget, my budget is Max.100 SAR.

Please suggest accordingly !


You didn't mention budget in OP. That's why I suggested them

Hello Sahilhayat,

I hope I have the right answer for you since i have been living here for so long.

Buying Abayas has been a continuous strive of mine, and as the situation in the country changes after the recent jurisdiction for the religions police work; now we can have a breath of fresh air and wear something that expresses our personality.

I have visited many places to buy abayas: starting from kingdom tower, faisaliyah mall to rural places and common markets AKA Souqs to find the best deals, and what i consider a good answer to you is Suwiqah Market (HERE: https://goo.gl/maps/sNPvSWFQfc92).

There you can find abayas ranging from SR 60-70 up until SR 300 and in between. Whats unique about this place is that they always have very special and one-of-a-kind models that you can not find anywhere else and in very good prices. I keep a budget of SR150 which always gets me good stuff and since its a common market you can go long way with your bargaining skills and build relationships with sellers and shops there so you can keep coming back for more. Another thing also is that often the SR 60-70 are "On Offer" abayas which they think their style is out of season while in other places in Riyadh it would still be on display as current fashion, but this market moves very fast and often puts out a lot of abayas on sale like this.

One piece of advice though: it is a bit of a rural place so I advise keeping ur profile low and not to look very chic, as often they would raise the prices and think you are very upscale (hehe!), and watch out for your bag and mobile as muggers there do exist. Best time to go is on morning or afternoon on weekdays but do avoid evenings on weekends as it gets very crowded and noisy.

Do tell me how it goes if you pay it a visit, and i wish you all the luck :)

Hi Sou777. Isn't it the same market that was totally burnt around a couple of years ago? Behind Markaz Suleman. I believe it's the same. And by purchasing from batha, I meant the same market in my previous post. My mother and sisters were use to purchase from there. Then my wife followed them religiously.

But after it was burnt a couple of years ago, we tried many places and found Aqariah building in Olaya as the best alternative. In fact we still use to visit Saweqah market but not any more for abayas.

Everyone has their own choices and preferences. So better the original poster visit both places and choose the most suited one.

Sou777, whats the recent jurisdiction about religious police?  Am I missing something? Can you please shed some light over it?

The best abaya verity at good rate you can find in saweqah commercial Center (Abaya Market) it is located near BATHA , at the junction of Imam Turki road and King Faisal road , close to Riyadh museum

Or you can visit Kuwait market in Nassim Gharbi


Hi All,

Please allow me to thanks everyone one on this wall, i visited one market it's called Taiba Market near to Riyadh Gallery, someone suggested me, but unfortunately there price is too high start from 300 SAR. for expatriates oh it's really worth high, and i will try to visit ""Suwiqah Market"" as one of our friend suggest here , let see.


So does the law in Saudi only allow for black abayas and headscarves? Moving to Riyadh in abt 3 wks time.

This is the best place for Burqa and will find many models designs and cheaper...

when you are out in public you need to have Abaya and scarf, in malls scarf is not needed. When you come to a religious country you should follow all rules and this will keep you away from troubles.

check Lulu markets in Batha and madina hypermarket in Al Mansoura and places like haram plaza on ring road near exit 21 also same place other shops also.

Al Akaria shopping centre beside Akaria compound. There is a shop in 1st floor that sells abayas for 100

You can by from safamerve.com it has cash on delivery and great deals and design

Where can i get abaya on a cheapest but good quality price riyadh.

Check royal mall on king fahed road north of Riyadh , it have cheap and expensive abayas, minimum price you can find there is 100-150 SAR if you want cheaper you may find but not sure where

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