Getting a taxi/uber/grab car in these areas

Hi, I've got a job in KL and am moving there next month.

I'm like the look of apartments in the Mont Kiara area but would need to get a taxi/uber/grab car every day to get to work - sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon.

Does anyone live around this area and know how reliably one can get a taxi/uber/grab car throughout the day?

I think you will have a problem getting a ride during rush hour from MK to say KLCC, or the other major working areas, as the traffic is pretty bad and it would be unpopular with grab and uber drivers to get involved in it.

You might be able to book a ride with a local taxi driver, but the price would definitely escalate considerably at those times of the day.

If the commute you need is more local to MK (1-3 km) then Grab and Uber might be possible.

MK has virtually no public transport immediately available to move around (one bus route to LRT ) so car pool or own transport are probably the only commuting and getting about options. With new train services now serving most other areas, commuting using these can be a good option.

MK is more for families with children as there are schools close by.  Suggest if you haven't been to MK you visit and orient yourself before making a final decision.

Ok thanks. Yes, I think I'll have to go and see for myself at the end of the day.

On the plus side, I will need transport north to Kepong, not the city center, and I will mainly be travelling in non-peak times.

Mornt Kiara is mostly expect area, but very congested and limited green/open area, no public transport. U can choose Damansara Perdana, not too far from MK. But all the facilities nearby including MRT station.
Metropolitan Square, Riz Perdana, Suria residence are good condominium

MK in/out is based on one single road, so driving is not enjoyable. Buying car is very easy in Malaysia, so when you drive u will hate MK.

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