Confirmed issues with OVERSTAY OF TOURISM VISA

These are the key points:

Anyone arriving on a tourist visa can apply to extend for a total of 120 days. it must be done within your  30 day tourist visa or the 60 days if you have an extension. They are working on the website but its not yet ready. (so it doesnt say how to extend or cost)

Changes to the sanciones (overstay fines I assume)  based on the visa you used to enter the country and what you are actually doing. Arriving on a tourist visa,  extending 120 days and doing business here may not be acceptable for example.

It is illegal now to overstay past that  120 days. And they can refuse you re entry. They retain the right to establish what will be "acceptable".

I am assuming (big assumption) there will be a transition period and people need to get informed and make your choices accordingly.

To be legal after 30 days you have to get the 4 month extension. Some, if not most,  will not go through the trouble.

in order to conduct business in the DR, you have to be a legal resident.  That does not change if you extend a visitor's visa.  As for a transition period , removal of the exit fines/fees, website for extensions,  and if you can extend a visa anywhere but Santo Domingo, that all remains to be seen.  Time will tell.

To be clear it is an extension TO 4 MONTHS total time.  And I agree many will not.

To conduct business here you do not need to be a resident honey,  you need a business visa!  But not a tourist visa.

To own a business needs literally none of the above, but to work in it or run it you do!

It will be fascinating to watch this all shake out.

My mistake, of course having a business visa would allow one to do business for the period of it's validity.  I was thinking only about tourists versus legal residents in the scope of this discussion. ( In 15 years I don't think I have ever met anyone that came here on a business visa, but plenty of tourists work.)

For certain this will be interesting to watch and see if anything really changes.

You are right,  many are on tourist visa and stay and work or open businesses.

With these changes I will need to update clients!

When I left(from SDQ) last week I noticed they had constructed a booth (next to the Cowpens leading to into the  security check-before you enter customs) with a sign indicating it was for payment of overstay fees .However ,no one was manning the booth  (at 7am),the booth inside(next to customs) was still being used.

Ritteach, that is interesting.  If that new booth is simply to pay overstay fines, it makes no sense if they really want to have people pay at at DGM office to stay up to 4 months before their 30 day tourist card expires (as seems to be the proposed new procedure with an as yet not announced date of implementation) .  People would just continue to do the "easy" thing and pay the overstay on the way out of the country.  Odd, but this is the DR.

Apparently various "ministries" are fighting over this and now it is NOT a done deal.

For now just carry on as normal!!!

Summary of Thread:  Same as when it was started, the only confirmed thing is.....nothing.

This is the latest from the Dominican Republic immigration department

Content of circular DSAC / DAM 019020 of the Vice Ministry of Consular and Migratory Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, is reported, reporting migratory categories, permanence, procedures, requirements and sanctions applicable to foreign citizens in the Dominican Republic:

- The migratory categories contemplated by the Migration Law No. 285-04 are Resident and Non-Resident. The tourist is Non-resident and is allowed to remain in the territory of R.D. for a period of up to 60 days renewable for another 60. 120 days in total.

- To apply for the extension, those who enter with a tourism card have 30 consecutive days in Dominican territory, who enter with a visa have 60 days, in accordance with Application Regulation No. 631-11 of Law No. 285-04.

- Foreigners who wish to reside in the Dominican Republic, staying in Dominican territory beyond the period allowed for Non-Residents, must be provided with a visa for residency purposes in the corresponding Dominican consular representation.

- Temporary residences, defined by art. 48 of Regulation No. 631-11 are for one year, renewable annually. In cases of family reunification, rentier and retired or pensioned (Article 50 of the same regulation) are renewed after one year after the issuance and every two years after the first renewal.

- Law 285-04 empowers the DGM (Directorate General of Migration) to declare illegal entry or stay of foreigners in Dominican territory, when they can not prove their situation in the country. Similarly, it allows you to apply for non-admission when they extend their tourist stay beyond the authorized extension to 120 days.

This has been covered and is not implemented as of now.

Can you confirm the nationality of the person who was turned away.  I have no desire to apply for residence or pay one red cent more to the government of this country. I need to leave for a medical appointment in NYC and return one week later. This will be the first time I have overstayed my tourist visa but by 6 months. I am waiting for the fiance visa to marry my Dominican partner but the US Embassy said it's still about an 8 months wait.  I don't know what to do. When I return should I make border runs to Haiti or take the ferry to Puerto Rico......I feel so unsure and quite frankly don't trust the government here at all, especially having to pay bribes.. This goes against every part of me.

Border runs to Haiti will not help since it won't start your tourist card time again. PR would start your tourist card again. BUT:  I would just ignore the situation for the moment unless and until you hear Migration is actually causing problems for a large number of people that overstay.  So far, they have not done so.  That seems to be the common opinion and so far people are not being denied entry for overstays like yours in any significant numbers.

As planner stated, there have been documents sent to explain what is happening.  Like a warning shot.  But still they have not been enforcing it.  Typical manana DR stuff.

You can follow every law in this country and end up in prison for 2 years without charge. You can follow all the laws of this country and still be required to pay a bribe or get arrested and held without bail for a very very long time. Never compare anything from the US or Canada that is futile. You are attempting to compare Quantum physics to knitting. It is non sensical and a waste of time. When you arrive her the best way to adjust is NEVER EVER compare this country to The United States or Canada this will only cause you to suffer greatly.

Sorry I am totally confused.

For the last 5 years we've been staying for about 3 months.  We have always paid the overstay fine in cash and not had any problems.  Are you now saying ,when we arrive we should go to an immigration office and apply for an extension or can we continue with overstay fines.

Frankly if it gets to this it may not be worth coming back-that would be a pity.  We've looked at other places like Costa Rica, no problem there, but we much prefer DR.  I actually rang my local consulate office in France.  All they said was that we could not apply in France we would have to apply in DR.  If that's the case, this worries me as administration in DR is not efficient and the thought of queuing up for hours on end instead of enjoying your holiday, begs the question-is it worth it.  Many thanks.


For now NOTHING  has changed.  Carry on as usual.

Thanks Planner, as usual, always good advice.  Have a good one.


You too honey!

Reply to Elbrisalchad's comment from yesterday.
Very understandable concerns indeed. I feel for you.

Your concerns should create a lot of comments.
I have not read any yet.
Tom, in Cabrera, awaiting notification that my temp.
residency is confirmed.

A Quirk in Tourist Cards?

We bought our tickets in March, arriving in July.  As far as can determine, no Tourist Card equivalent charges on our tickets.   Understand policy changes in April embedded those charges into airline  tickets.  So, we came prepared to purchase the cards at the airport.   

To our surprise, no apparent places to purchase the TC in airport; when we asked our escort, he assured us, emphatically,  that TCs were no longer required.  We went through the rest of the entry process and had our passports stamped without difficulty.

So, are we likely to have an issue when we depart this week?  Are they going to check for a paid up TC as we process out?

Understand most of this thread is about tourist VISAs, but for us the tourist CARD is the pressing issue.

Any advice appreciated mucho!

In 40, yeah, forty years of living & traveling  throughout the islands, side trips to Florida, I have never been requested to produce a tourist card.  Passport of course, but a visa or tourist card? Never, a good thing too I guess, never saved the thing. The thing that you fill out on the plane is collected at the airport upon arrival.

The tourist card is no longer issued in the DR at all on flights from Canada or the USA. It is included in the price of the ticket on flights from Canada and the USA.  So you can never be asked for it.

The actual card is not the issue

Hi.  Any updates on this thread?  Anyone have any recent experience?  I plan on being in the DR around 17 October.  Thanks!!

Hey guys.  Maybe one of you can help me.

I have a friend of mine who owns a large travel agency in Armenia.  I have tried to contact the Dominican Embassy to find out, if she needs to get a Visa to enter the D. R.

Armenia is a very small country, but she has a lot of people who want to come here.  Any information is greatly appreciated.  Does anyone know someone at the Dominican Embassy here in the D. R.?  Or, does anyone have a telephone number that I can call?

I was told by one government official I met in Luperon, said he was told, all she has to do is come to the D. R. with her passport.  But I question that, since she was told she needs a Visa.


Thanks in advance of any help from you guys.

Big Bob

She needs a tourist visa to visit. Comes with her airline ticket.

So she doesn't have to apply for a Visa before coming to the D. R.?  She was told she needed a Visa.

Armenia is one of those countries that most other countries don't pay much attention to. 

I don't mean to question your response.  I just want to make sure, so that when she arrives, she is not allowed entry into the D. R.  So, you are sure she can come to the D. R. with her airline ticket? 

Thanks Planner.

Big Bob

Never heard of a tourist being denied entry, Unless they are red flagged for illegal activity known to the officials.  Clean? She is in, no problem. Good luck & enjoy her company.

If she can buy a ticket she should be good but I will double check.

From a quick internet search, Armenians must actually get a tourist visa to enter the DR.  That is not the same as purchasing an airline ticket with a tourist card included in the price.  A tourist visa would likely mean Armenians need to contact the closest Dominican Embassy.  Armenia was on the same list as Haiti that I searched regarding visas.  Haitians  cannot just get a tourist card. … public.doc

Recently Overstayed in Santiago 33days was charged $2500 pesos at the airport for the three day overstay. August 2018

I have been to the Dominican Republic 6 times. Only once I overstayed. My wife is a Dominicana but I live in Panama. Unfortunately Panama won't give my wife a visa. They say it is a marriage of convenience.  I am trying to sell my property here in Panama so I can move permanently to the Dominican Republic. Currently she is in the DR and I am in Panama. Not the best situation. I have always used my Panamanian passport when I go to the DR but I suppose my American passport would work as well. I don't ever plan to return to the USA. I haven't been back for over ten years. I don't want to leave the tropics. Fortunately I am fluent in Spanish. My wife doesn't speak any English. Anyhow I am new on this forum. During all my trips to the DR I never met anyone who could speak English which is different than here in Panama. Not that it matters. I was married for ten years to a women who never spoke English in the home and neither did the kids. That is one way to learn the language I suppose. The DR is a bit different than Panama but not too much different. Basically the same mentality when dealing with the government. I guess overstaying your visa only becomes a problem when you want to leave the country? Probably best for me to get residency. Shouldn't be too difficult with a Dominican wife.

Welcome to the forums. You should qualify for residency based on family reunification honey. Good luck.

According to the following website people from Armenia do require to get a visa from a a Dominican Consulate to enter the DR. … ic-visa-2/

Thanks Vero60.

Yesterday, I met with the local official here in Luperon, as I have extended my stay beyond 30 days.  He told showed me a chart that had fees associated with staying past 30 days.  He told me I could pay him, but he heard some people had to pay again at the airport a second time.

Yes, on the chart, 1 to 3 months past 30 days is 2,500 pesos.  The next was 4,000 pesos for I believe was 4 to 6 or 9 months.  And fees beyond 9 months, were on a graduated scale.

I hope this helps everyone.

bigbob20163,  Thanks for your story. What you were told about the possibility that if you paid to extend your legal stay , but you might still be charged the exit fines at the airport just shows me that one hand still does not know what the other is doing with respect to people from tourist card countries.  Maybe some day there will be consistency form Migracion.

It is not necessary to do anything before 30 days.  The airport will routinely collect the fees before you depart.

We are all in this together my fellow Expats.

Windeguy - you aren't holding your breath waiting are you?   :D  :D  :D

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