Is leaving the DR for the day sufficient to restart tourist visa?

I know this topic has been done to death. But, I want to know what the solution is to the 30-day limit.

We can prove 1k net rental income for the last 5 years (more if we don't stick to the 5 year rule), we have additional income from our property management company, and we have about 180K in DR real estate purchases...and we own a registered IRA LLC in DR.  But all of those fall short of the various residency requirements...and we aren't old enough for our pension. 

So, if we want to live in our house in DR and build our other homes on our additional lots (for more passive income) We will have to overstay the visa.  Our situation is maybe a bit different than others here in that we plan to have a 6 seater twin engine plane with us.  Can we just plan a day trip to another island/ Miami for shopping, lunch, etc. and come back? Does that start the clock again?

Look forward to replies.

So the combination of items in fact may qualify you!  OR one of you qualifies with everything,  gets residency then the second applies for "family reunification" qualification.

YES  an overnight trip qualifies. They removed the ability to cross over to Haiti to qualify. You have to stay overnight, so a quick flight elsewhere would do it.

hmmm...wheels spinning. Thanks, again Planner!  in about 2 1/2 to 3 years from now we plan to come down with my daughter so she can do a foreign year abroad for high, I'm starting to research...if she wants to finish there...great...but, it may be that we have to return for the couple years it takes for her to graduate...but, I think we'll want everything in place...residency, health insurance, of when we all three move down...It's exciting...

I just want to get down there and really start living there full time...

I think I'm in good company here, huh?  ;)

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Well you are starting early enough and you will know what needs to be done. At least based on todays rules. One of the risks here is that the rules change whenever..... sometimes with no warning, sometimes yes.  Sometimes for the better but also sometimes not so much!

We do  our best to stay current with the rules and what may be coming..... we have spies everywhere.....LOL

You state you have about 180k in DR real estate. The threshold for fast track permanent residency is 200k according to the 2007 law.

May I suggest that you talk to an immigration lawyer to see if with everything combined or with some limited additional investment you can move forward quickly.

Hi To All,

This is a topic very interesting for us as we have just moved to the DR following our Purchase of a B&B in Cabarete.
We started the application in the UK before coming, we sent them the proof of Purchase of the 6 room B&B and also the proof pf the creation of our Ltd company, But still we are waiting, in the first instance our application was refused so we resent some additional documents, but still its all pending and no info from the UK Consulate. We were told to take a lawyer to sort it out but even that docent guaranty success.
The situation is very frustrating as we seem to qualify for the residency due to our investment in the DR but as we are finding out things here are always mañana, mañana ;-)

If anyone has got any good tips to get this sorted out, other than taking a lawyer, is this possible to do by ourselves?

Please feel free to contact us

Best Regards
Digby & Anna


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Indeed you are probably correct that by taking a lawyer it does not guarantee success, but invariably it does mean you get your documentation in place correctly the first time to take into account the never ending rule changes and procedures that get put in the way, such that your file does not get put aside along with many others accumulating dust. And yes it is paper files that get shifted from office to office in DGM as your application progresses, as you will quickly realize when waiting to get your residency photograph and fingerprints with the officer shifting through them to find your name and in some instances the applicant has to wait while the file handled earlier in the day by others is found.

I have used a lawyer for all my residency renewals simply to avoid the hassle and for sure in the past an immigration lawyer with DGM contacts was the quickest way. I have just renewed my residency with an ex Guzman lawyer recommended by a Canadian friend and I got a seamless no hassle result at 1400 RD pesos per each month of a 4 year residency including the fees. But she told me that at present dealing with DGM was frustrating and many applications were taking a very long time and new applications were mentioned. In my case it was definitely a couple of weeks longer and the 10 day result cited in the rules and previously met for delivery of card after medical was not met and took 16 days

I wish you, as fellow Brits, luck and maximum resolve in seeing through your application, but my advice to others, most especially starting for a first time application and with a fast track option, is to have a lawyer. For the subsequent applications, if one has the inclination, do it yourself.

You absolutely should be using a lawyer. The contacts alone are worth it.  But use a lawyer with expertise in this area!

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