Confirmed issues with OVERSTAY OF TOURISM VISA

By Dominican Law, the airlines are supposed to ask you if you have a return ticket if you are not a Dominican Citizen or a Legal Resident in the DR.  If they don ask, they could face hefty fines.

True Windy

Yesterday at JFK I used the automated kiosk to check in...
It asked me for my visa type.... advising me that a visa is necessary to visit RD
(perhaps b/c of the one way ticket)

I showed it to the attendant and mentioned I was running late for my flight.
She ushered me to the Help Desk for a fast boarding pass.

This happens regularly at JetBlue / JFK
NO kiosk check-in.... Help Desk... I've done it before


Thanks.  I fly international regularly.  I lived in China for 2.5 years and the Ukraine 3 months last fall.  I am a 6 level contributor on Trip and and

In all my travels it cost upwards of , $175.00 USD to cancel.  I bought a ticket to come here and they had a 24 hour FREE. Cancellation.  But when I called within the 24 hours, I was told it would cost me $75.00.  And it was advertised as FREE 24 hour cancellation. 

Who do you know where I can get cheap tickets with a cancellation clause?  I would appreciate receiving their coordinates.


Interesting fact to know that the airline is held responsible.  Thanks Planner. in America we men would call you a "doll baby" for helping us.

As previously mentioned, I have come here 3 times this year and never had a return ticket.

You would surely have to buy two one way tickets. If you had a round trip you can only change the return with a fee.

Even if you check in at a booth, clear immigration, dont be suprised if you get called at the gate to show your return ticket or in my case proof of residency. Happens to me all the time with Jet Blue in SJU.

Some visitors are able to fly without a return ticket.  Not supposed to happen, but it does. Your next trip may be different.   I have heard that a fully refundable return ticket is the way to go if you do need to show a return ticket.  But if there is no such thing as a fully refundable ticket any more, then I have no idea what you can do . ....

Yes buy it on a different airline if needed.   I know it is done but I have not done it personally.  Check flights to  Cuba and to Puerto Rico or Miami from here. 

Don't try to cancel  half of a 2 way  ticket. That is my best advice.....

"doll baby"  gotta like that....   :gloria

All tickets are refundable within 24 hrs... new rule a few years ago.
I've done it....
planned a trip then cancelled

Some airlines allow a 3-7 price lock for $7
UAL does.
That's a handy option
FareLock then never buy.... to escape the round trip rule

A price lock is not a ticket so that part doesn't work.

See my previous comment.  I tried to cancel less than 3 weeks on American Airlines.  Within the 24 hour FREE Cancellation timeline.  They said it would be $75.00 to cancel.  This just happened in the 3rd week in December.

When did anyone reading this, use the 24 hour FREE Cancellation clause and not get charged?  What airline and where were you flying from and to?  Month of the year?   

Appreciate any specific that was personally experienced by anyone.


I use Expedia and have cancelled without charge a few times within 24 hours.

So in theory, you could buy your return as a separate trip just prior to checking in on your inbound trip to DR and cancel on arrival within 24 hours for nowt.

Personally, I wonder how one justifies not buying a return ticket with anticipated return date knowing that you will be charged a modest change fee if you had to change dates (on a likely cheaper original return itinerary rather than two single trips), in the knowledge you could get challenged for a return ticket at either check in counter, departure desk, arrival immigration counter or by a PN or DGM in DR as proof of your intended return.

My advice is follow various country's foreign office advice to visitors to have an       onward or return ticket when visiting DR.

I used Cheapoair buying my ticket this trip.  It appears there are different FREE 24 hour cancellation policies.  I can tell you less than 3 weeks ago they were going to charge me as I indicated. 

Obviously as I also stated, I never know how long I will stay.  One was as short as 3 weeks and the last as long as 56 days.  So it is impossible to get a round trip ticket.  I fly extensively.  I have a 10 year Visa for China.  And a Visa for Vietnam.  Ukraine doesn't require a Visa and allows you to stay 90 days out of every 180 days which you can use all at once as I did.  I stayed 83 days.

I have been to the Dominican Republic 7 times in 4 years and never bought a roundtrip ticket and never had a problem.  I never knew there was a problem. This blog was the first time I heard anything about needing a return flight when entering the Dominican Republic. 

I also discussed this with American flight attendants when I was filling out the Immigration form on the airplane in flight.  I never saw the entry on the form in July when I came here.  In July, there was no disclosure that you needed a return flight before entering.  So the form changed since July. And although it was on the new form, I was told to put POP airport only and left the flight information blank. 

Note.  As previously stated, this arrival was the first time I had to write the physical address where I was staying.  Every other time, when I came here, I would put Luperon with no physical address.  So definitely things are changing.

I am still waiting to hear from anyone who has access to cheap fares and carriers who provide FREE Cancellation.

Thanks guys.  Especially "doll baby".  You know who you are.  Lol

My lawyer sent me this for those of you who need clarification.

Tarifa Vigente

30 Días A 90 Días = RD$ 2,500.00

3 A 9 Meses = RD$ 4,000.00

9 A 12 Meses = RD$ 5,000.00

12 A 18 Meses = RD$ 6,500.00

These times are of course in excess of the 30 day stay.

Most just pay an overstay fee at the airport when leaving the DR. But if you are interested in extending the tourist visa prior to  leaving here is what the latest info from Immigration indicates:

Content of circular DSAC / DAM 019020 of the Vice Ministry of Consular and Migratory Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, is reported, reporting migratory categories, permanence, procedures, requirements and sanctions applicable to foreign citizens in the Dominican Republic:

- The migratory categories contemplated by the Migration Law No. 285-04 are Resident and Non-Resident. The tourist is Non-resident and is allowed to remain in the territory of R.D. for a period of up to 60 days renewable for another 60. 120 days in total.

- To apply for the extension, those who enter with a tourism card have 30 consecutive days in Dominican territory, who enter with a visa have 60 days, in accordance with Application Regulation No. 631-11 of Law No. 285-04.

- Foreigners who wish to reside in the Dominican Republic, staying in Dominican territory beyond the period allowed for Non-Residents, must be provided with a visa for residency purposes in the corresponding Dominican consular representation.

- Temporary residences, defined by art. 48 of Regulation No. 631-11 are for one year, renewable annually. In cases of family reunification, rentier and retired or pensioned (Article 50 of the same regulation) are renewed after one year after the issuance and every two years after the first renewal.

- Law 285-04 empowers the DGM (Directorate General of Migration) to declare illegal entry or stay of foreigners in Dominican territory, when they can not prove their situation in the country. Similarly, it allows you to apply for non-admission when they extend their tourist stay beyond the authorized extension to 120 days.

Key word is CONTEMPLATED.  Way to muddy the waters. Now we will have everyone talking about this as if it's law!!!!

There are plenty of folks that have extended their tourist visas by making a written request to Immigration explaining the reason for the extension.

But, it is much easier just to pay an exit fee at the airpot upon leaving the DR.

My friend requested an extension via the Puerto Plata Immigration office.

I went to the airport yesterday to ask for an extension and the immigration officer told me that I can just pay an overstay fee when I leave. She said it was 4000 peso for 6 months and 5000 up to 9 months. She said that this isn't a problem.
So many conflicting stories though.

Yes.  I and several others have reported this on the forum numerous times.  Were you able to read them?

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