Confirmed issues with OVERSTAY OF TOURISM VISA

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I was watching a video suggesting Cabrera because it is in the middle no too far
am planing to retire in DR coming from Canada, Pls how long you been in  Cabrera ?
if need to retire should we apply to  a residence paper? am planing to stay in DR for 4-5 month a year
I do speak English and french.
for a good place to rent how much is it?
and for basic monthly shopping like  foods and bills phone electricity ....

You really just need to come visit and check a few places.

We are Canadian couple trying to retire in DR .
do u know if we stay out of Canada for 5 or 6 month on the roll we loose our OHIP?? medical insurance in Canada?

If you live in Ontario, you can be out of the country for 6 months and still maintain your healthcare. 6 months is the limit for Ontario. B.C. and Nova Scotia have a 7 month window....

what happen if i stay more then 6 month can i re active the health care when going back to Ontario
any idea? I may have to ask here in Canada

You will have to return and stay 3 months before it is reactivated I am told.

As I understand it, if it expires and they know it you have to reapply and wait 6 months.  Strange rule, since as a new resident to the country you only have to wait 3 months.   I guess it's to ensure you meet the minimum amount of time in Canada before you leave again. … ide-canada

Away for more than seven months

If you plan to be outside Canada for more than seven months in any 12-month period you can keep your OHIP coverage for up to two years if you:

    have a valid health card
    make Ontario your primary home
    will be in Ontario for at least 153 days a year in each of the two years immediately before you leave the country

they keep saying confirmed but offer Zero evidence of how it has been confirmed I speak with people on a weekly basis returning from overstay without problems, literally every week. rumors in the Dominican Republic are really something

Big Carl there are actual confirmed cases of people refused entry.  They are few and in specific groups. It is not widespread or common but it is real.  It is not a rumor.

As I have mentioned before Carl, it depends.  I personally traveled back and forth from Canada, living in the DR for years before getting my residency here.  When I decided to get it, I did so without any issues and received my DR driver's license on the same day as I received my residency and cedula.  Does that happen to everyone...I am sure the answer is an overwhelming NO.

If you don't feel comfortable about overstaying, then you might be better off going the long route and getting your residency.  Yes, it is a difficult overwhelming process for most people.

That's life in the DR.

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