Stay Safe

Greetings all
The UK is experiencing some extreme weather at the moment. Please stay safe, listen to local radio and TV for updates.

Expats from hot countries may not be aware of how to keep warm in foul weather so perhaps a short post might be a good idea.

Head - A hat, preferably one that covers your ears. The cold attacks your ears, causing them to begin freezing so giving you terrible pain. Even a thin hat or coat with hood will help you avoid this.
Hoodies are a terrible fashion statement but work really well in bad weather.

Feet - Two pairs of socks will help a lot as they trap air, thus retain heat. Boots are better than shoes, especially ones with thick soles.

Hands - Gloves, preferably leather and waterproof if possible

Legs - Thick trousers, but not jeans as they absorb water. Wool works best.

Body -- Build up layers of clothes as they will trap body heat, the top layer being a waterproof jacket.

Driving - Keep a shovel, a sleeping bag, some drinking water and food in the car. Also a pair of large boots and a dayglow safety coat.

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