Is an Affidavit of Support Needed

My fiancee has received her UK Visa to come over to the UK where we plan to be married. She is a Filipina, I am a UK citizen.

She is finalizing her CFO process in order for her to leave the Philippines and travel here in February.

The CFO counselor does not require her to show an Affidavit of Support. Does anyone know if, when she goes to Manila airport, she will need to show immigration an AOS?

I have not seen any examples on the Internet of an AOS for someone with a Fiance Visa. When applying for her UK visa I, as her sponsor, had to provide a lot of evidence that I would provide for her, accommodation, healthcare etc.

So, do I need an Affidavit of Support creating? I don't want to spend £150 or more if the AIS isn't needed. On the other hand I don't want to risk her being offloaded at Manila airport.

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I've never heard of them for entry into the UK, my understanding is that these are a USA requirement.  From what you've said, I think you've already made all the arrangements, but just in case, the UK Gov website describes the process for coming to the UK to get married; this link will take you straight to it.

I hope this helps.


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@Cheshguy Hi there .

We are now in the exact position, fiance visa granted, wedding booked , all documents submitted, my girlfriend has booked her CFO I now really need to travel to London / Philippine embassy to get this affidavit of support stamped and verified ?

Please let me know if this was something you had to supply ?

With thanks