Need advice on trip SD to STI

I plan to land on SDQ and spend a week before going to Santiago. I will be staying in Boca Chica and thinking getting uber to the Metro Bus station, which is about 20 miles then head to Santiago.

How much is the fare?

I can't help you, the north shore is my bailywick.  PM Planner, she will be able to help you.

Normal taxis charge  $25/30 from airport to city center. From Boca chica should be a bit less. Do not know Uber fares, but use the app and you will get a price.

Thanks, I used the fare estimator and got 650-950 DOP that sounds about right?

Yes it sounds right,  taxis from the airport charge more as they have to take you and back. Radio taxis drop you and then wait for another call, with them you must agree about the price before you get into it.

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