Gynecologists,who is the best in jeddah

Please give me your sincere ideas. We have no idea of the gynecologists, who is best in jeddah, how can we choose, which hospital, what are their capacities/potentials comparing to Western countries. I don't want to spend this period thinking all this and stressed. Do you recommend? I will be happy to hear from ladies especially, their experience is valuable. Or from the fathers who can give me their ideas


I'm a childbirth educator and Doula, I personally would recommend Dr. Soliman Fakeeh for births if you are looking for the most natural birth experience and supportive doctors. They allow partners to be in the labor and delivery room as wells.

Dr. Tasneem, Dr. Amira Saleh, Dr. Nancy, Dr. Wael are among the few names I would recommend in Dr. Soliman Fakeeh.

Message me if you'd like any further assistance. And if there's limitation in your insurance coverage if the above hospital does not fall in your insurance.

Thank you!! I will try to book an appointment with any one of the above-mentioned doctor.

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I invite you to post this recommendation in the Jeddah business directory section.


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hello.. can you please comment on doctors at IMC

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