taking a car from Saudi to Oman


I know  a lot have been posted on this topic. However, I have a strange situation and was wondering if anybody has any answers for my questions or have faced a similar situation. The situation is like this: I plan to export my car from Saudi to Oman. However, I need to be back in Saudi Arabia to process my final exit. Then I'll go back to India and fly into Oman from there. Now the questions that come to mind are:
1. If I send my car through a transport company or drive it myself, do I need a person in Oman in whose name the car should be sent? If yes, then does he need to register it in his name or can he just keep it till I reach and I get it registered in my name?
2. How long can the car be left in Oman with an export plate without Omani registration?
3. At the customs, do they ask where the car is headed to and the details of the person to whom it's being sent? If yes, what are the papers that are required?

If anybody has any answers/suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.



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