Cross yellow light signal

Dear All,

Kindly need your help to answer my below question:

Today, when I drive my car to cross the traffic signal in muscat, the green light began to flash, but my car close to line, too late to stop, then continue to drive ahead, almost tough the line at the same time, green light became yellow, then cross the yellow light, is it fined by ROP or not, any punishment by ROP?

Many thanks!

Hi bupasuan2017,

Crossing the traffic signal while the amber light is on is not considered as an offence.

If you crossed the signal after it turned red and if the camera flashed and caught you in the act, then you are in trouble. But not otherwise.

Even if the camera caught you jumping the signal, the time of the offence would be noted and depending on the time, you may or may not be charged.

Dears while yellow light turned on and started flashing inapplied breaks and by the time my car stoped i was already reached in middle of zebra crossing and car stoped i did even crossed the zebra crossing but camera flashed only one time and i was already in the process of reversing the car kindly if someone can guide me is it a offense and usually how much time it will take to get the the notification of the offense if it is counted

Hi sir today I cross the yallo light for signal please tell me how is fine

Hi Kabeer Shahzad,

Crossing the 'Red' traffic light is a violation; not the 'Yellow' (Amber) light.

Butt sir how come camera flash I'm not understand?

Hi Kabeer Shahzad,

If you are sure that the camera flashed while you were crossing the amber light, then it could mean two things :

(1) That traffic camera was not working properly - in which case there would be no issues for you, and

(2) The camera which flashed could be for another direction / lane of the traffic junction - not your side. This is a possibility too.

Thanks sir

Hi I want to Confirm , tonight while driving when i reached at signal it was blinking and but by the  time i realised i had already crossed the white line and it turned red , i stopped immediately at zebra crossing, stopped on zebra crossing  , didnt crossed zebra line but had already crossed White line , took little reverse bcz on back there were  more cars , couldnt take it beyound white line , i had to make it to stop on zebra crossing only , i dont know wether the camera flashed or not i didnt noticed any flash light , can anyone help me out , will i b fined or not .

Hi M.Zaid @1425,

For an offence to be considered while crossing red light the camera should flash 2 times.

This same thing happened with me earlier, I crossed the white line while the signal was red and it flashed once....i reversed back

Later I confirmed with my Omani friend who was working for ROP(Traffic Dept), he said for an offence to be recorded the camera should flash 2 times.

Luckily I dint receive any fine for that and hope the same for you.

Drive safe

Hi M.Zaid @1425,

The camera would get activated only if you cross it.

From what you have described, it appears as though you are okay.

Hello everyone...

Today I was driving my company's vehicle near zakher mall in al khuwair and there is a junction where there are traffic lights..

While approaching the signal near zakher mall from which we can take left to get connected to express way to qurum, I could not see any lights on the traffic signal and probably it was not working and could see the cars in front of me crossing it so even I decided to cross...but as soon as I crossed the signal, the opposite signal got green and cars started moving, so I stopped in between and then went far as I remember there was no flash on the camera...but due to the confusion I could've even missed out .
Again I am now skeptical whether the signal was working or not....and I couldn't even verfiy as their were no cars behind me..

I have Never crossed a red signal and this incident happened around 12:40 pm today..

Can we verify whether the signal was working or not? Or what can be the consequences ?

@Sumitran  I was driving my frnd car and near signal it's amber light I stop my car but it was too late I stop and take reverse but my back there is car so my half car was on zebra crossing I don't know camera flash or not but m worried can anyone tell is this violation??? What will gonna happen


Dear sir I crossed yellow single not red just yellow and camera flashed on

Can you explain plz


Dear last night I crossed yellow single not red just yellow but camera flashed my car so plz can you explain