How to bring your car to Oman

Hello everybody,

If you exported your car to Oman, were there any formalities that needed to be completed beforehand? What were they?

What is the best way to export your car? Is there a limit on the number of vehicles, or perhaps the age of the vehicle? Are there limits on emissions or emission controls in Oman?

What are the expected costs of exporting a car? In your opinion, is it worth it?

Once you arrived in Oman, what were the applicable taxes? What was the customs process like?

How do you go about registering an imported car in Oman?

Is it best to buy a car once you have arrived or to bring your car with you, in your opinion?

We look forward to hearing from you!


Hi, I have not brought my car to Muscat so do not have any idea of this. Thnx

Yes I brought my car from UAE to Oman.
First you have to get the export board by applying for transfer to Oman
Second You have to pay tax for the car at the customs when u enter the border into Oman.
Once you pay the tax, they give you the receipt
Third you have to register in Oman with the tax receipt, driving licence and export board
Enjooooy ur drive in Oman

Great info.  How would one ship a car purchased here, out of Muscat to another country .

Hey Bhavna,

            Oman is a place where you can see only cars on all the roads. Due to the lack of public transport, car has become a mandatory requirement of survival for every local or expat living here at Oman.

            I believe you are from India. Compared to India, the cost of any car is 40% to 50% cheaper, as there is no tax being laid upon car manufacturers. For example: Toyota Fortuner: India-39 Lakhs; Oman-20 Lakhs, Toyota Corolla: India-19 Lakhs; Oman-11 Lakhs (Approx Pricing).

            Unlike India, there are lot of car manufacturers in Oman, which gives you a lot of options to choose from. They also provide warranty for 3 to 5 years for any new car, 30,000 to 100,000 kms free servicing, free insurance, free registration, etc etc.

           Due to the continuous intake of expats, the scope for resale of your pre-owned cars are also high. You can see a lot of Pre-owned car showroom in every areas of Muscat.

           The best part of buying it in Oman is that, when you buy a car in Oman under a bank loan, the interest rates vary between 4.5% to 5% per annum, unlike India, where it starts from 9.5% per annum.

           Hence i would personally suggest you to forget your plans of importing any cars to Oman and find your dream car at a really low price and go for it. Take care.

I didnt bring my car from india because india is having right hand driving and oman have left hand so I bought new car in oman.

No, I did not take my car to Oman. I did however considered it but decided not to.
I suggest you wait weigh the $$ amount and decide if it's worth it. If you wait until end of May , June and July expats are leaving you can buy cars for cheaper during this time. Hope this help.

I was planned to bring the car to Oman while moving but I sold it in a good price and to buy another from Muscat.
to bring the car to Oman, you need to pay 5% tax and the vehicle condition is good as it has to pass the same in the ROP centre.
Ofcourse there is a restriction in vehicle age ( but am not sure exactly)
As an expat, you cannot bring more vehicle in your name  but your one vehicle is allowed.
Hope this helps...


In Oman, public transport system is prevaliling but normally prefer to use own transportation.

Hi ,

Even I'm planning to bring my car from Saudi to Muscat, what is the custom duty you paid? N I have heard that if you have original custom paper from the dealer, I can avoid paying custom taxes, is it true?
Also, is Oman's residence card must to get my car exported as I just have the visa with me as of now. Appreciate your help.


Well as far as year is concerned, mine is 2014 model. But I had other concerns like custom duty , residency etc. I am still willing to take risk n drive my car on my own via UAE to Muscat. Appreciate others help on it.

Best regards

Hello Bhavna,

Firstly it depends from where you are bringing your car to Oman. Like if it is from any of the neighbouring countries like Dubai-UAE it is good to bring in your car, you can actually drive in through the border, with an export certificate.

If you are going to ship it than it is not advised only for the good reason that the cars are cheaper in OMAN than most countries in the world because of no or negligible taxation.

Unless it is a very exclusive car (the one of kind vintage or the super cars category) where you would like to go through the hassle of exporting, shipping and importing, it is not advised.

Hope it helps.

Hi Kashif

Just wanted to know have you already brought your car from saudi to oman? What was the proceedure and how easy / difficult was it?


Hi Khalil,

Almost all the process is done, will be driving on my own on 14th all my paper work ready.


Hi kashif

That's really nice to hear. All the best for ur drive to Muscat. Could you please explain me the procedure in detail. Anytime of ur convenience.

Thanks in advance

Hi Khalil,

I was able to bring my car since I drove on my own, the process is pretty simple. Just make sure you don't have any loan in it else you would have to need NOC from your bank. Visit Muroor office in Rawdha ( Information center one) with all your papers like Fahas, insurance, istemara, Driving license and a letter from your company with attestation of Saudi chamber of Commerce in it. Once you submit these papers to the officer, he will give you a form in Arabic to fill, take your Saudi friend or if you know Arabic well n good. Fill the form along with all the papers above. Mohandis will quickly inspect the car and ask you to pay 100 riyals online. There are many brokers outside holding Riyadh bank ATM and would pay the amount for some commission. Once done, the officer will ask you to take the old plates out and then handover the plates to him.
After half n hour he will put the entry in system and in Absher it would reflect that your car has been exported.
The officer will give you the new plates and two papers then which would reflect that your car has been exported successfully.
Put the new temporary plates in your car and exit the kingdom within 15 days. Make sure to take those two papers with you while you exit. Now, the real challenge is border, instead of exiting directly visit the custom first and ask the officer to prepare Bayaan I.e. export paper based on the two papers you had. Once the officer in custom prepares the Bayaan only then you cross the border.
Finally in Al Wajaha border in Oman, you have to show all your papers and get import paper done. Make sure you stamp your visa first in Oman Immigration counter and turn back to Customs which is 7 km behind. Idea of getting Visa stamped first is because the custom guys would enter details in system and they need your Visa copy. Pay the custom charges there based on your car value and then exit the border. It was bit of a hassle for me but it was worth as I had pretty new bmw car.
Let me know how does it work for you, I just came yesterday night to Oman. My next job is to get the registration done.

Hope this helps.let me know if you or anyone still have any doubts.


Hi All,
I move from Abu Dhabi to muscat last month, now I am planning to bring my car via road. But still I have uae Auto driving license. Can I pass/import my car from  the oman border with my uae auto license. Do I need to have Omani driving license to import my car from Abu Dhabi to oman ?

Hello Mr.Kashif,

First of all thank you for helpful information,

You drive Car from Saudi Arabia to Oman ,
Did You do it through UAE or directly to Oman , if you pass through UAE can you please explain the transit procedure.

Regards ,

Hello friends,

I need help on getting information regarding transferring the car from Saudi Arabia to Oman. My job has been transferred to Muscat and i wish to take my car along because its just 4 years old and almost brand new. I would like if someone who has experienced taking car by road can help to provide the following information:

1) what is the procedure in Saudi for taking the permission to take the car;
2) what is the estimated cost for that;
3) i would drive the car myself and i understand that the only route is through UAE; to pass through UAE what are the requirements we need to make sure before entering; how long we can stay in UAE and what is the cost at UAE border;
4) At Oman border, what are the custom requirements, cost, documentation, time etc and what is the procedure at border;
5) once in muscat, what is the procedure to get the registration.

Please include if you know what are the minimum requirements that the car should meet in order to get into Muscat.

Appreciating your support and soonest feedback.


Dear Aizaz,

It's really unfortunate that you didn't read my post before asking too many questions..My advise to you would be to go step by step..Please go n get Saudi formalities done from traffic police in Rawdah. Once done let me know your issues. All my steps are explained very clearly n precisely. Cost involvement is minimal as long as you are driving.


Yes I passed through UAE, just get the Immigration done ay Saudi border , get the Bayaan copy (export paper) from there so even if you don't do UAE car formalities, that should be fine in Oman Customs because you country of origin was Saudi Arabia while destination was Oman. All you need to have is valid UAE visa for yourself while you enter UAE and that too if you are entering on final exit, then your UAE Visa should be from someone who lives in UAE. They have to apply Visit Visa for you if you are making final exit from Saudi.

My Apologies Kashif, thanks for your guidance, my main concern was on point number 3
and 4. I was not sure if there are any formalities at the Saudi - UAE border and do they charge any fee and then what custom payments are at border.

Appreciate if you text me your contact number on my email (***) and would be grateful for a telephonic discussion if needed.

Thank you again for your time and directions.


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Hai Mr Kashif,

Did u bring your car from saudi to muscat , if so pls let me know the details, i also wanted to move to muscat from saudi.


Hi, great post with lots of information.

I just have a few quick questions if you would not mind to answer.

1. Once you are at UAE border with all paperwork stamped from Saudi, can you drive through the UAE on export plates just with the insurance paid at check point?

2. Are you able to bring into Oman without residency card I.E with only visa?

3. Once inside Oman and the fee is paid how long can you keep the exports plate on?

My plan is to drive to Oman in December from here in Saudi, I will not be leaving on final exit I just want to export my car so it is waiting for me in Oman when I arrive, also so I can take a final exit visa (I will not have any cars registered to me anymore)

I will then fly back to Saudi and take my final exit visa and fly to Oman.

My car will remain in Oman on the export plates for a few weeks parked up will this be ok do you think?  Once I arrive in Oman and I get my residency card I would then register it.

please message me if you can provide me some details.

Hai Mr Kashif,

I have a doubt as how did you used the car in UAE while enroute to oman as, is there any formalities, pls let me know.


Hai there,
Did u get the details regarding your question if so pls let me know ,


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Dear Mr Kashif

can you share me your mobile number. I am also moving to oman and need to bring my car with me. I want to get some more information and advice from you.


HI Kashif,

It was a detailed post and cleared most of my doubts. however i would need a few more clarifications.
want to export my car from saudi and drive in to oman. the only way i guess s thru uae. kindly explain the points below

1. is it fine to drive into uae with the papers given by maroor in riyadh. what are the formalties while crossing uae.
2. is there a limit to export the car to oman as my car is almost 9 yrs old. will i face any issues.
3. kindly explain the charges involved pls.


Hi MattOman,

I just read that you bought your car together with you from UAE  to Oman.

After reading the treat.

I know, I need to get the car fully owned under my name, export number, pass the RTA and 14 days insurance.

Now my question is I will be travelling from RAK to Sohar. So basically I will be using the Fujairah Border ?- I believed... - I checked it on Google map...

What are the requirement in terms of visas, because they issue me a work visas which is mentioning multiple entry at Muscat Airport. Can I use this visas to enter through the border?

And I believed also I need to have an NOC from the same company that says that I am coming to work with them and having a car. Is that required?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Kind regards

Hi all,

Thanks all for well explanations on the procedures.

I want to know about waiver of GCC customs duty at Oman border, what are paper work we need to do in Abu dhabi customs? ( i heard about paper called " maqasa"), anybody experienced with this paper works? please help me.


Hi. i plan to export my car in oman i heard that if your car is more than 8 years old they will not allow you to export your car.. its that true?? my car is 2009 honda civic do you think it is possible to export in oman??? please give me some advise

hi damidkshi, i hope u can help me to find the answer on my previous post.. I was planning to export my car in oman it is honda civic 2009  but i heard that if your car age is 8 yeras above they will not allow you to export in oman.. that is true????      Tnx

Hi we have a common issue here i was planning to bring may car from abu dhabi to oman. they allow you to bring your car in oman without any problem?  tnx

Hi did you bring your car in oman already?  i was planning to export also my car it  is 2009 model i dont know if they will allow me to bring my car.. hope u can reply on these matter.. tnx

MattOman, what is the midel if your car? they will allowed 2009 model without any issue in boarder of Oman?  tnx


My plan is to do the same, meaning driving to oman first and then going back to get my final exit processed. Can you please let me know how it went for you? Is there anything I should keep in mind? Also howlong can one leave the car in oman with the export plates before registering it?
Thanks a lot in advance.



The above post was for @billywear. Thanks.

Hi All,

Finally I bring my car to Oman.

I first fly to Oman, get my medical done and get my residence ID.

After that I travel by bus to Oman, Mwasalat Bus service which will take you 3 Riyals from Sohar to Dubai.

Below link for th bus timing … 231123-053

The bus will leave Sohar at 6 pm, that Day I reached Deira at 11.30 pm. Long road, nice one, you will get delayed in the border as they will checked all luggages of the passengers into details.

For the car, you need to get the export number.

Go to Tasjil and get an export certificate - They will only check the chassis number and give you the export certificate - 105 AED.

After that get an insurance for 7 days - This will cost 200 AED.

Then all the car documents that its under your names, then they will issue the ownership certificated under your name, take the old plate number ( Make sure you remove the old plates. because they will ask for it) This will cost around 600 AED.

Once you got those numbers, put it on your car and you are ready to drive through the border.

Basically they will give you 56 hours to leave the country.

I left Ras Al Khaimah at 8pm on that and drove to border by the Sharjah / Kalba road to Al Wajaja Border post.
I reached the border after 1hr40 mins and then then my long wait start.

First when exiting UAE  you need to pay a exit fee of 35 AED.

At the border:

1-You need to go and get an insurance which covers Oman- They will issue one for you - 6 OMR.
2-You need to go to the customs and find one agent for you to do your paper works which is called Bayan.
Lucky for me I met Salim, he is sitting in office number 2 and he took me through the process.
3-You need to open your Bayan file - 10 OMR.
4-Pay for your car customs. 180 OMR.
5- Pay for the service - 10 OMR.

All this process got done after 2 hr 45 mins and I left the border around 1.30am in the morning.

After that you take all your papers and you go through the next checkpoint and the police will issue you a pass for the next and final checkpoint.

Once the final check point done it took  me 45 mins to reached to Sohar.

Nw my next step tomorrow I am going to register the car under my name.

Hope I can help with this, regrading bringing your car from UAE  to Oman.

Wish you all the best.

Thanks for the detailed idea of how we can get our car from UAE to Oman.
we are planning to get our car end of this  month. However you have mentioned Car Custome as 180 OMR. Is it standard for all the cars ? or it depends on the value of our car ?
We have ford edge.
your reply will be highly appreciated. Thank you !


Thank you for your message, No it is not a standard rate.

They have different rate for different car.

Mine was a Kia Soul - 2104 ..