slope test tips for automatic vehicals

Hi guys,

tomorrow i have my slope test,

i could clear my drums soon but failed in slope as i had no idea on slopes thinking i would not clear my drums in my previous test.

so please tell me some tips and suggessions so that i could clear my slope test as well.


Climb up on slope, brake, gear to N, engage hand brake. Now take foot off brake, put gear to D. Put foot on accelerator slowly and when you hear a rumble release hand brake. Just follow this procedure. Slope test on automatic is very very easy. Best of luck.

Thank you, i could clear the test. thank you for the suggession

pls give full information about slope test

sabatariqsaba :

pls give full information about slope test

Hi sabatariqsaba,

Do a simple site search on the needed topic.

You will find enough and more information.

today was my 2nd slope test I failed again when I climbed up on slope car go back what should I do pls somebody help me out I think I miss some important points … -post.html

Please go through this web  site. You will get enough information.

thank you

finally I passed my slope test thanks to all

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