Update on Pre-Planning

After reading lots of threads on the topics of furniture buying, I have an update to share with anyone it might help.

We recently bought an apartment/condo in Sosua, unfurnished. We want to be able to use it soon. We also want to have most of our furniture sourced locally. But, we did not want to spend our first nights sleeping on the marble floor. 😊 Several people have lamented the idea of IKEA as an option, but we went with a hybrid solution that might also work for others.

I went to the IKEA in Indiana and did research on what I wanted. Basics....2 mattress, 2 beds, basic cookware.... enough to get us started but still have time to enjoy some downtime (shopping ;)) this trip.

So, I found what I wanted, took down numbers, etc. Then, I made a profile on the IKEA Santo Domingo site and picked it all out. I video chatted from my desk with a wonderful customer service rep in SD. He placed my order, then called me for credit card info. I worked with AMEX to deter any possibility of fraud.

The stuff will be delivered, with no additional charges, to Santiago. We then found a man, who came highly recommended, that we have hired to pick up in STI and deliver to Sosua. Yes, IKEA will deliver, but their delivery schedule to Sosua is sparse. We will meet our driver at the warehouse with the invoice, credit card with raised numbers and identification-all required for pick up.

The basic household items were very reasonably priced, the transaction super easy and hopefully, delivery will go as planned.

With the basics out of the way, we can go local and take our time browsing to find just the right pieces we want for our new home. It took some time and research, but I think this hybrid of basics to get started and lovely, local stuff will be the right choice for us.

If anyone needs help with the IKEA coordination, just let me know. And, I will update after everything is safely delivered.

Long post, but hopefully will help others. Starting from scratch, while exhilarating, can also be a bit overwhelming. 😎😎 See ya'll in a couple weeks.

Awesome post and information!  Please update us once delivery is done!!

ChristieE, you is one smart cooky. You gots the right way to get yo stuff. Commendable in many ways, clear, succient, (damn my spelling) without rambling on, which I'm prone to do!  You should continue to write about all of your doings. Thank you.

Gracias mi amigo!

Home decor DR style

That sounds like our furniture journey for the last couple years! It's the topic of most of my blog ( see link) that I started just because I thought I would explode if I didn't get it out...and friends and family are sick of hearing about it! Hahaha...thanks God for this site, huh...great update! Nice to know others are taking the plunge!

Excellent hearing from newer expats and very much enjoying the blog.

Good to know that you enjoy the site.  How about contributing some posts. Everyone has something of value to share or ask.  Come on & and jump on this bus to ...........?  An open mind is the price of the fare.

this is what I love about this site,  when  expats help each other. There is so much to learn and to embrace here.   Some you will  love and some not so much.

Sharing the tricks you learn is awesome!

So, it could not have gone ANY better. IKEA came through. Damian, the delivery guy came through. All like clockwork. While we were waiting at IKEA, we ran to El Encanto and got a fridge. Then, today to Atlantic Mulbea for not 1, but 2 orange sofas, patio furniture and a beautiful mahogany mirror. The mirror will reflect the sea. Manana is Independence Day. And hopefully, we will meet up with the infamous Tinker. Life is good.

If we  don't get rained out, you sure will!. Hopefully you get to meet John & Marie too.  Glad that you got your stuff. Orange?

Christie, you will love Tinker...he has become our new best friend when we were there last week. By the way, Maggie was awesome too. Thanks for your referral there. Hopefully we can meet up soon one day too. We make our permanent move this fall.

Had a great time with Tinker on Saturday. Met up at the Finish Line. Live music 5 to 7.

Who can account for peoples Taste. All of them were people who had the ability to accept a old fart with a stogie going all the time, & a sense of joy meeting new folks. To convey the sense of ease possible adapting to the new idea of being alone in a strange and new environment. Bless you guys in having the fortitude to put up with me AND the wherewithall to buy my beers. Sharing thought, sources & contacts insures me of having many new friends. Far be it for me to claim altruism, no way, I'm a selfish SOB , verdad siempre.! Next time we will go to Sarah's & have cheap drinks & the best ham on the island.  Thank you all for the smiles on my face.

It is true, you guys gave me hope for the future. Some days it appears pretty bleak.  Then like a bold strike from Thor, A chance to share experieneces & a modicum of local knowledge. The site asked for cheap or free attractions & things to do. Well here it is...... meet the locals & oldtimers here. Just walking the side streets is an excellent way to gain a feel for the place, and your possible place within it.  All the doors can be opened to you if .. you possess the key.  The key is a simple yet hard one to have. Patience, respect for the unknown, a smile & sense of h umor. A slow pace allows you to see the oft-times hidden treasures that exist here. The french toast here will never be the same as at "home".   I like dogs, horses, hot sauces & a womans smile, of course her aquiesence (sp) is a huge plus in my life. Means she says yes.  PM me, call me Or use the site.  I'm easy & available. As it is apparent, I tend to ramble on. To my new friends, THANK YOU..

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