I know this has been discussed in various threads but in general are there more mosquitoes on the north coast vs Santo Domingo vs Punta Cana vs mountainous region (Jarabacoa)?

We’re coming for the first time at the end of July/ beginning of August?  Santo Domingo/las Terrenas/Punta Cana.

Thanks in advance.

Wherever there is standing water . The breezes help but prepare yourself. Tooth paste is excellent after you been bitten , just a little on the finger. They are the same mosquitoes that are vector for zika other other tropical diseases. The Good thing is I haven't seen any snakes !!!!!

Just assume there will be mosquitos. How many depends on the amounts of rain, standing water and the specific location you are.  Mosquitos like dark damp places.

Some of the mosquitoes carry diseases zika, chikungunya and dengue. Take precautions. We have not had any serious outbreak or issues in about 4 years I believe.

These are all viruses. Only treating symptoms is possible.
I had chikungunya 4 years ago it's like the flu but your bones really hurt.
If an outbreak happens the medical facilities are packed.
Talk you you doctor , for treating high fever , loss of appetite , body aches. It has a rapid onset. I say this in response to your particular concern not to alarm you. I always carry medical supplies.
Have fun and don't put Deet on your skin.

Yes with all these you treat symptoms only. I too had chikungunya and it was brutal for 8 days.   Sadly I had complications from it as well.

I will not agree with you on DEET. Here that is what we recommend because it actually works.   Use repellant with  minimum 22% Deet to get real protection if you are in an area where any of these viruses is present!

Not going to debate this one.  Each of us needs to do our own research and make a choice. Which is the evil you choose? Its all about choices.   :D

On clothes ,sneakers, hats socks , I should have qualified my response ,talk to your doctor .

Do they spray more in touristy areas or do you have just as much of a chance if being bitten anywhere? I ask because haven't noticed much of a problem in PC.

Most resorts do spray whenever needed and some have a regular program of spraying. I have no idea though what they use for chemicals.

Many chemicals that are used here are not allowed in other countries. So if you have breathing issues (asthma etc) make sure to ask at the resort what is being used and when! 

I think Kat much depends exactly where you are.  I've lived in places with absolutely no big problem but people  2 houses down had issues!   

When I got chikungunya,  where I lived we did not have a big mosquito  issue but almost 100% of us in that area got the damn virus!

Yes the chemicals are scary! Do you buy anything at your local hardware to spray your house for bugs that is pet friendly? (and of course people friendly too).

Yes there are products that are people and pet friendly. I don't know how effective they are though. Its a tradeoff for sure and  everyone needs to do their own research!

If I could just share what has worked for me (in South Florida)
Best to wipe arms, neck, face,, any exposed skin with some alcohol , as it removes your own body oil scent, and apply a drop or 2 of lemongrass essential oil on your pulse points. I use it on the back of knees, inside my ankles, wrist, elbow, underarms, behind ears, and top of forhead.  That would cover you top to bottom.  Some people may not like that scent, but you could also use other oils. I would Google it first.
A lot of my friends swear by it. Can anyone else suggest other methods to prevent bitting?

It looked a show on the history channel when the plague broke out. You would talk with a person in the morning and the next day they got it. 1952 in western Africa and about 15 years ago I believe it was the Philippines.
Altitude , standing water and a breeze make a diffence for mosquitoes and they usually attack behind the knees. Many of my Dominican family don't even get bitten !

Cool..I live in SW Florida and the warm weather is coming back now, I will try that when I go walking in the evening.

Yes there was a nieborhood there in Miami where zika was found same vector mosquitoe

There was actually a fair amount of zika in the USA.  And there are recent issues as well.

My experience in 14 1/2 years - the only thing that works is - prevention and Deet.  Thats it. The rest of em just don't cut it. 

Prevention -  air movement, keep the fans on,  Use screens on all windows.  Get rid of standing water, all standing water.  Air out dark places and move the air if you can there too. Wear light color clothing

AND the most important =  drink RUM!!!!

Eat lots of garlic, shower often, use deet And  try rubbing a sliced onion on exposed skin. The smell disappears rapidly, but the sqeeters still are put off by it.  If you follow all the hints and keep your area free of standing water you will have fewer bites.  The mosquito coils work well in the house also. Adhere to the suggestions for better results.

Hi All, I have read several posts on this, but still have a few questions. My family and I will be traveling to DR for about 3 months (June through August) and will be staying mostly in Las Terrenas. I see the recommendation from CDC etc. is DEET 30%. I have also seen that Picaridin is effective for against several virus-carrying mosquitos (but not so effective against malaria-carrying mosquitos). We have very fair skin and will also need sunscreen. Does anyone have a recommendation for a brand of sunscreen with DEET that they like (preferably at least 30 spf)?

Repel sportsmen max , please read manufacturer recommdation of use of the products.

Deep woods OFF has  23% deet and it works very well.  I know of NO  sunscreen that also has DEET. I believe you put on the sunscreen first, let it absorb then spray for bugs.

Yes Deep Woods works well. I say it all the time, eat lots of garlic, onions hot spicy foods. Depending o location, they are nowhere as bad as the Louisiana bayous.  Heat & high humidity  effects are lessened by the trade winds.  Try to avoid A/C, use fans instead. The shock of going from A/C to outside only emphazses (sp)  the difference & puts stress on your natural state. That is just my opinion, do what is most & enjoy yourselves.  Welcome & apprise us of your experiences. comfortable for your family.  Above all explore, learn, enjoy yourselves. Please keep us apprised of your experiences.

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