Owning a car in Italy without being resident.

Hi, does anyone know how to do the above - own a car in Italy without being resident? As far as I can see it's not possible. I was told at the vehicle registration office that the best thing to do is buy a car in France! That's terrible advice but there doesn't seem to be a solution. Thanks!!

I don't think there's any problem in actually owning a car, just I don't think you can register it as you'll have no address where you are resident in Italy to register it to.

Hi EdwardsItaly
I wish I could help I've looked into it previously and it appeared to be very difficult and expensive.
I would be interested to buy a car also as we travel to Italy from Australia often and the Rental costs are very expensive. Would like to leave a car at our place that we and family could use Good luck

Here's a link to what EU law says on the subject.

Thanks! Yes, I did mean registering it in Italy as it's not convenient to register in another EU country because of insurance and annual safety tests. I don't think they stop you owning a car that's registered somewhere else. We were hoping that if Renzi centralised the government in Rome this would no longer be an issue. The problem is because the bollo (yearly tax on the car) is paid to the 'regione' not to Rome. I have clients spend 3m Euros on a house but have to rent a car! The only way it seems is to have a business here - that, as well as owning a house, is possible without residency! Work that out!

Thanks Cynic,
I think different EU states have different rules. I know in the UK you just need an address to register a car, insurance is a little more tricky but possible. The link you gave says you're not obliged to register the car if staying less than 6 months a year. It's just crazy that you can own a house but not a car..
Thanks again!

I think the difference is a bit more subtle than this; EU law applies in the UK, just the UK (uniquely?) has no requirement for any citizen to register at any particular address, so anyone can register any car at any address.  Bit bizarre, I bet there'll be somebody along in a minute to prove me wrong. :)

Owning a car means registering it. Even I as a EU citizen had to wait for my residency to buy/own my cars.

Janingal Thanks! Yes, this is the issue. I wanted to know if there's a way around it, a provision somewhere in Italian law.

A resident friend of yours could buy/own a car in his/her name and let you drive it. You'd pay for the car, its  insurance and tax (bollo). However, there are pitfalls, for example your friend would lose insurance benefits if you have an accident.
Once you have residence you can transfer the car to your name (which is expensive).

That is so Italian! You can own a home here, pay heavy taxes on that home but cannot register a car.

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