Long term car rental/lease in Italy

HI all,
My name is Vickie and I live in Colorado. My husband, Carl, and I plan on applying for an elective residency visa and move to the Desenzano area of Lake Garda. We both recently retired and do not plan on working there.

We have researched quite a bit regarding this visa, and have been following any pertinent topics regarding our plans on line in this forum, and other resources. We think we are better understanding what we need to do to get there, and after we get there, and are excited about the possibility of going ( and a bit overwhelmed at times).

Through one of our previous Air BNB rental people, we have made contact with a rental agent that has actually gotten back to us and given us some information and possible apartments. Any advice on this topic appreciated....

The other advice we need is long term car leasing. We will be in need of a car and are thinking we could lease for a year. Anyone have experience or knowledge about this??? Would love to hear from you.


Welcome to the Forum Vickie :)

Most car rentals do special deals with long-term rentals and the longer you rent the price will be cheaper so well worth shopping around.

I did come across this firm that looks to specialise in long-term leasing, so might be worthwhile getting in contact with them HERE.

Expat.com Expert Team

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