English vehicle in Italy with no MOT

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We bought a house during the pandemic and took over our van full of our belongings, unfortunately we have not been able to get the van back due to COVID restrictions. Has anyone experienced the same problem . We need to get the van home to mot or think about Mot in Italy. We also have toyed with the idea of keeping the van in Italy for the renovation work we need to do, but we are not residents ? Any advice really appreciated ….

As far as I am aware you cannot own or register a vehicle in Italy without being a resident and there are time restrictions around driving in a ’foreign’ vehicle. Are you from the UK? If so, I have been told that you only have 3 months and not 12 (as per pre-Brexit) and could face hefty fines if stopped by the police.
The MOT equivalent is the revisione - there’s a paragraph in the link below that mentions foreign vehicles - hope it’s helpful!

https://www.angloinfo.com/how-to/italy/ … worthiness

Yep that's correct..Depending on when you're MOT is due ,it would probably be beneficial to MOT the vehicle in England.
You cannot register the vehicle before you have a residency document.
Come to think of it you can't own a Italian registered vehicle either.
Get you're residency , carte de identica and you're permisso d sigourno and then next year you can register your van on Italian plates.
Hope that helps.

Brilliant thank you for your advice

Thanks Andy I think the van will come back to England dir it’s MOT , advice really appreciated

Hi, no problem..They do have people who is will deal with it.
Basically it goes for a inspection, they take the English plates off ( Technically you aren't supposed to use it during this time, but a black marker pen is quite useful) and you get you're Italian plates.
Depending on the vans age it requires a further test 2 years later or 5 if you're posh.
Useful to know as it was pretty seemless .

Oh ...the important bit..it costs around €900.
But the drink is cheap.😂

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