Exporting a used car from Italy...

I wonder if someone can help me.

If I buy a car in Italy  and I want to export it to another EU country (the UK), does anyone know if the procedure?

I should say that am not a resident of Italy and no intention of being one, even temporarily.

What my research seems to say is that the plates and insurance would be the problem in driving the car away from Italy. Basically, the plates would need to be valid, say for 1 or 2 months, just to make sure.

Other countries (i.e. Germany/Netherlands etc) have time limited export plates. How does Italy handle this?

Appreciate it if anyone knows something about this. Most discussions seem to be on bringing a car into Italy, not out!

i want export used cars from italia to u a e (dubai)but i  living in japan.how i can find cars ?

Hi Saeed,

I think you should start a new topic on the Italy forum for better visibility.

Thank you.