New members of the Thailand forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the Thailand forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Thailand if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hello Everyone,
Just signup into this site today and hope to meet more of the expats in Thailand.

I am a Singaporean and is married with a Thai wife. As such I am traveling to Thailand very regularly. Because of this I am now planning to relocate to Thailand. However, as we all know, getting a job in Thailand is alittle challenging for us.

Anyone here who can help with some references for job vacancies will surely be greatly appreciated. i will be glad to send a copy of me CV for your reference.

Hope to hear from you all more and look forward to meeting you all in Thailand real soon.

Thank you.

Hi, I'm Greg currently living in N.Z. I have spent a fair bit of time in Thailand as a Buddhist monk and am now working and hope to maybe lease a guest house in Chiang Mai sometime in the not too distant future. I am hoping that some expats who have experience in this might be able to help me out with how things work. I will be in C.M on April 4-24 this year

Hi everyone,
my name is Sergey, I'm not newbie in Thailand but I've started to use just a few days ago after 2 years pause.
I'm a professional sound engineer and my aim for this year - to rise up a multilingual voice-over recording project for e-learning and educational purposes so welcome everyone who lives in BKK and wants to became voiceover! All languages are welcome!

I am 76 y/o and live part time near Perth Australia. I spend 3 months in Australia and 3 months in Cha-am in Thailand on/off. I now have obtained a retirement visa for Thailand from the Thai Embassy in Australia and expect to spend more time in Thailand. I am still quite OK for fitness and can walk 20 km in a day if required but always each day I walk at least 10 km just to exercise. I am an aged pensioner and receive a pension from the Australian Govt. I also other funds ( not a lot) which makes living in Thailand quite comfortable...I am fairly knowledgeable with matters relating to Centrelink and Australian Pensions and the complicated Thai Visa system (another story)...happy to correspond to anyone on a happy and intelligent boofheads please.

I am a male.

I am single. I am retired. I am retired photgrapher.

I joined on 28 January 2018.

I can speak English

Boofhead is/was an Australian cartoon character about a young high school boy, very lovable who was always getting into trouble and won  all his fights by at least 100 metres, very good runner?  A some what younger "Dagwood Bumstead" which also featured in Australian newspapers...Many years ago.  When I was a boy and Old Shep was a pup...La, La, La.

Hi everyone. I am Bek and I am from Uzbekistan. Just joined and I have been living in Bangkok for over three years now. I work for the United Nations.

hello im davy from scotland been coming to pattaya for the last 15 year thinking of moving over here.realy like  the thai people.

Hi my names Gary ,just hoping to ask and answer questions and join in , I live in Nong Hong , have been in Thailand just over 3 years ,Hello to all.

Hi Gary. I am about to move to Chiang Mai in couple weeks. Would appreciate advices on where to rent rooms somewhere not in the backpackers area.

Hi everyone I joined the site today as my husband and I are looking to retire to Thailand in a couple of years time.  We have holidayed there for the last 12 years or so and love the lifestyle

Just signed up today. I am actively looking for jobs in Thailand because i want to live in Thailand. I mainly looking for the jobs in IT domain. My expertise in Software Project Management and Quality Assurance. I also like very much Chaing Mai. Though I have never worked there, i have been in Thailand several times and visited already Chaing Mai, Mae Hong Son, ChanBuri, ayutthaya, Bangkok etc....

Hello everyone,

My name is Nico from Indonesia working in Phuket Thailand currently..
Been working remotely in some other countries like China,Japan,Indonesia it self for resort brand in entertainment department..

Been looking some places to settle down & decide Bangkok is the one..
But still looking for job opportunities in Bangkok to start my career path & live my new journey in the beautiful Bangkok city..

If any of you have connections or recommendations for job vacancies in Events/Dance/Hospitality/Fitness area would be appreciated to get your messages guys


Have a good day

hi my name is dennis from scotland looking to move to pattaya in the near future, just looking for some advice on what is needed for the move over.

Hi im Lianna in 25 and im australian i live in kathu at the moment would love to meet some other girls in my area and make some friends.
i only speak english sorry!

Hello everyone. I would like to make more friends in Thailand. Currently I frequent Southern Thailand. I need friends from Bangkok and other regions too. Thanks.

Hey where in southern Thailand are you

Hi everyone,

Im Nazera Indonesian, am looking for the Opportunity in Thailand. I've experienced in MNC- Nestle Indonesia for 2 years 10 months.
Kindly contact me if there are suitable job for me.
Thank you

Looking to relocate to the Pattaya area around the beginning of May of this year.

Seeking a furnished studio or 1 bdrm for between 5000 and 9000 baht probably in the cozy beach or Jomtien beach area.

Also looking to buy or rent a motorcycle as well. A 2500 cc to 400 cc enduro type.

Looking for suggestions and advice.


Hi, I'm planning to move to Thailand by next year, probably to either Bangkok or Pattaya. I'm in the motorcycle business.

Hi Davo I am a new member and having trouble navigation around the site I am 62 and planing on retiring to Thailand / Chiang Mai do you have any up to date information regarding receiving the Australian pension in Thailand . I have lived in Chiang Mai for a couple of years and are currently living and working back in Australia Cheers Martin


I am new here. I have done an interview for a Marketing job based in Bangkok and I have been made a very tricky question. What are my salary expectations?

I have been searching online and I think that I can find a nice house for around 75.000 BTH but the challenge arises when talking about schools.

I have 3 kids and I have seen very different opinions about it. On one hand we have the international schools that cost around 750.000BTH per year (remember 3 kids) and on the other hand, we have the BP Schools (bilingual international schools) that I believe that cost around 100.000 BTH per year.

I think that they don't want to pay a super extra expat salary, but I need to ensure I can pay for my family at least to live as well as they do here.

Can somebody give me any advice about schools and salary levels?

I'm not familiar with Bangkok. Even so 75 k baht sounds like too much for a rental. Then again that depends upon your life style.

Also, I do know that some of the schools try to offer half of the prevailing pay for the uninitiated. In Chiang Mai some of the commercial schools offer 25 k baht a month, while the private schools would start at 50 k baht. Perhaps you should contact a few other schools to see what the going rate is.

Hi Everyone,

My name Ashraf and 35 y/o.
Just joined and about to move to Bangkok Thailand in couple of weeks to work there.
Any advise especially on the accomodation ?

hello everyone.
I'm Abrian from Indonesia and plan to stay in Sathorn, Bangkok from May to December 2018.
looking for the opportunity in Thailand. have a master degree in Social Studies. experienced in public relation in National Hospital for 4 years. also in education for 3 years.


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Hi Abrian...
This coming May going to be my 1st month working in Bangkok.
Are you familiar with Bangkok ?
Hope we can be good friend ..

Hi all! My name is Trinidad. My husband and I are digital nomads (we do online teaching and have an online business) and we are planning on moving to Phuket this coming August with our 7 month old baby. I love to surf so I am hoping to find some waves even though I know it is not the best place in the world to surf. I also just love the beach and the tropical weather. I am originally from Chile where it is more Chili :p ... I'd love to meet other families with kids. I have questions about where it is better to live - we are planning to start off with a cheap condo rental since we are paying off some debt and later look for a house. We prefer more remote areas with jungle but not far from the beach. Any advice? thanks!

This is my first time in bangkok. Last year already lived in KL and JB. Yes hope we can be friend. See u next mobth

Hi my name is Sam and thinking about moving to Thailand, its difficult to find a place where one can live on social security but I think I can in Thailand, its just me and I am 73 and in good health i would like a house outside of the city that would be for rent, I get a thousand US dollars a month.

I am new to Thailand. Looking to meet new friends. Living in koh samui.

Crockpot :

Hi my name is Sam and thinking about moving to Thailand, its difficult to find a place where one can live on social security but I think I can in Thailand, its just me and I am 73 and in good health i would like a house outside of the city that would be for rent, I get a thousand US dollars a month.

Dear Sam,

Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you but, you may have a difficult time making it on only $1,000 per month in Thailand unless you have other monies in savings. If you don't have sufficient monies in bank, then you would not qualify for a non-immigrant O-A visa (commonly called a retirement visa) on your SS income. Without a retirement visa, you would be required to leave the country every 30 days to get new visa stamp and that would eat up some of your income. Also, there's no free medical coverage for foreigners in Thailand and US Medicare coverage does not cover overseas, so any medical expenses would be additional expenses.

Wish you well...

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Hi All,  I am Steve an Aussie expat living in Chiang Mai full time now for 18months after I bought a house here in November 2016, previously I was in Bangkok for about 4 years.  I lived in Singapore for 7 years and Tokyo for 12 months before settling in here.  I recently retired after my company got sold, I have a comfortable life however boredom has put me back to work on a consulting basis.  All my work is outside Thailand so no need for work permits here.  I built a unique hair salon for my international hair stylist partner next to our house, appointments only and upstairs I built a modest photo studio for my hobby.  We like BBQ's at home and keep to a relatively quite existence.


liannaivy :

Hey where in southern Thailand are you

Don't know about her, but I am in Hat Yai.

Which while the 3rd largest city in the country, the educational, transportation and tourist hub of the south still does not have it's own section in this forum.

Hi everyone, I'm Simon just moved to Thailand, Bangkok area not really sure what to do here yet but have had a great shop and good time so far.. I guess I'm looking for a friendly community to make some new friends of my own so I don't always hang off my partner and her friends here.. 😂 I'm somewhat shy to sites and forums such as this not normally into  social media of any sort but hay this is a new place and I have to start somewhere.. Anyway one nice meeting you all ☺

Hi, my name is Barry, I am retired I have met a lady online who lives and works in Korat and I will be in Chiang Rai 25th May until the 2nd June with her. If everything goes okay I will possibly move to her home city as she has 2 children in university and her the company she works for is there. My question is the cost to rent an apartment, electricity and water. I believe food is about 40% cheaper. Could anyone help me with my request? Thanks

Hello Barry
Best of luck with the new relationship.

Maybe a good option as things are so new?

Rent a room month to month, many hotels or motels provide very competitive rates month to month and this then provides you time to get to know your new surroundings and partner. A lot of these places have separate sleeping and lounge areas so a bit of space

For online searching of accomodation an easy place to start is dd property but better deals can searching rely be found once you are face to face.

Thank you for your information, I will be meeting my lady in Chiang Rai on 25th May we will have 8 days together, even before I consider our next move. If things seem good my next action on your advise I would rent an apartment or a detached house for 1 to 3 months in her home city of Korat. the reason is she has her work there and her 2 children attending University in Korat. With what you said I can see what I would feel very comfortable with is around 10000 baht a month. That is looking online I would also ask my ladies advice on which part of the city. All this said I may be looking too far ahead. I may end up somewhere else if this lady and I don't gel.  Can I ask where you live and what you find so good about your new life? Thanks again for your advice.


Thank you for your welcome note.

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