New members of the Thailand forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi ExPat Community.  My name is Rob.  I have been to Thailand 6 times in the last 20years and love the country.  I have a doctorate of pharmacy degree (Pharmacist) and am wanting to move to thailand in early 2019 and start a new chapter of life.  Tired of working in the corporate world and ready for a different culture and pace of life.  Recently laid off by my current company after our drug got rejected by the FDA, so the time is right to make a move. 

I am looking primarily at Pattaya area to relocate.  I would be interested in hearing about any possible jobs that a native English speaking guy like myself could be the right fit for.  Willing to do almost anything as long as it pays more than teaching English (I have looked into this).

I also welcome new contacts so I could build a friend base in Pattaya.  Can be daunting just moving there without knowing anyone. 

Thanks and appreciate any assistance.


Hi everyone. I live in the USA and would like to relocate to the Chiang Mai, Thailand area for the 2019-2020 academic year (September 2019-August 2020). I currently teach economics, financial management of the firm, investments, and economic development international related courses at a top tier research university. During our stay in Thailand, I would be interested in teaching at either the secondary or post-secondary level or volunteering on an environmental sustainability project. If Thailand is a good fit for my family, we would be interested in establishing a more permanent residence.

My mother is from northeastern Thailand but lives in states. My father speaks like a  Thai farmer fluently so I am somewhat familiar with the Thai culture. My husband and I have both traveled, studied, and worked abroad and we think we are up to the challenge of living in Thailand if we can utilize our skill sets to pass the time over the next decade.

If anyone on this forum has any advice to help with the transition, we would be sincerely grateful. As we have a year to prepare, we are particularly interested in learning about what technical skills might be beneficial in acquiring before we move. Since I am attached to a university, enrolling in courses is an option for me.

Thank you in advance for your time!

Hello, I am a recent college grad from the US and am looking for a job or an internship to move to Thailand. I have lived there before and loved it and would love to get some experience there. Please feel free to reach out to me if you would want to get in touch or have any suggestions.


hello guys.

new here in chiang mai, im interested in finding ppl to do activities together like doing sports, tennis volleyball and so on.

let me know if you wanna go out together to do something.


... cant delete this message


I've just moved to Bangkok and hoping to find some people to socialise and explore with.


I am going to be in Bangkok next month. This is the first time to be in there. I would be glad to find friends .
I am a piano teacher and i am very interested in visiting around

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Thank you for the welcome. I’m arriving in Chiang Mai the middle of November for a lengthy visit to check out possible living options. I am also doing some massage training in Chiang Mai. Very excited to see this city, eat the food, meet the people, play with elephants and get lots of massages. I’d also like to take a cooking class. Also I would like to find some AA meetings in Chiang Mai. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Nita

Hello, I'm Fonzie from Malaysia. I'm planning to move to Thailand in 2 years' time, and live out the rest of my life there. I love the Buddhist culture and am learning to speak Thai. I'm looking to make new friends there.

Hello, my name is Andrew. I am from California. I currently live in Bangkok, Thailand.. I used to be a golf professional back in California. I am also here to meet some new friends! Please message me if you would like to chat :)

HI Julien and all others,

Today I have subscribed to the site and look forward to following some of the topics.
I have also submitted my own post regarding access in to Thailand on a one way ticket, with a 1 year, multi entry retirement VISA in hand.

Anyway, aside from that, I am here to introduce myself.
The name is Ian or Ezy to my mates.
61 years young. Born in the UK and emigrated to Australia in 1995
Married once, didn't work. Married a second time, did'nt work. Got engaged, did'nt work.
So here I am, a happy chap with no axe to grind.
Spent my working days in Oil and Gas (Quality), 2 years of which was in Thailand, Pattaya area.
Thoroughly enjoyed it and love the people, food etc. Hence the reason to return and live.

I hope to meet up with some of you in the near future.
Best regards Ezy

hello everyone

im eric from indonesia live and work here,you can see in my resume, i would like move to bangkok to start a new life and a new jobs over there.

there so much i like about bangkok,people,food and also the vibe feels like home.

steveyinasia :

Hi All,  I am Steve an Aussie expat living in Chiang Mai full time now for 18months after I bought a house here in November 2016, previously I was in Bangkok for about 4 years.  I lived in Singapore for 7 years and Tokyo for 12 months before settling in here.  I recently retired after my company got sold, I have a comfortable life however boredom has put me back to work on a consulting basis.  All my work is outside Thailand so no need for work permits here.  I built a unique hair salon for my international hair stylist partner next to our house, appointments only and upstairs I built a modest photo studio for my hobby.  We like BBQ's at home and keep to a relatively quite existence.


Wow sounds like you have a very wonderful life

Hello there,

I am in India working as an IT Professional. Planning to go to Bangkok in deputation for a project execution. Found this forum quite interesting. I am looking forward to a great stay in Bangkok.

Looking out for various options in Meditation, travel and photography.

Bye bye..

Which city u staying in Thailand
I am looking at opening an office in Thailand seeking working partner

What skill you have

Hello Everyone I'm new to the forum and thought I'd say "Hi". I've been living in Thailand for a little over a year now and specifically Surin for the last six or so months. I have several years experience in government contracting work from the United States and most recently call center related work. I'm 31 years old and have an eagerness to set up a more permanent lifestyle here in Thailand. I'm open to new friends or contacts, if anyone wishes to chat just send me a message. Thank you, Sean.

Hello Everyone

I am working in Bangkok from last 5 years as South east Asia manager.

I frequently travel to south East Asian countries so joined this group to get all latest update about all countries and try to make as many friends as possible.

Thank you!

Hi Everyone,

I presently live in San Diego and work in the healthy beverage industry as a Sales and Account Manager. I am eager to get out of the United States for a  monumental change in my life, as I'll be 50 in Feb! I worked in the addiction treatment industry for over a decade, in many job positions, and looking to maybe get back into the industry in Thailand. I applied for The Cabin in Chiang Mai and the phone interview went well. We are continuing the discussion in November. If I dont get it I'm curious to see what else is out there. I am open to suggestions!


My name is Yonkbie from Indonesia
Looking for some activity like sports in Thailand
Nice to meet you all


Hi all,

Nice to say hello to you all. We all seem to be in the same boat in on way or another.

I am new here. Originally from the UK, but I have been living and working in Norway for many years. Also looking at the logistics of moving to Thailand in early 2019. I would ideally like a job with a western salary (western based company), but as long as the salary is decent it does not really matter where the company is based. I would ideally like to work remotely from my PC.

I am interested in starting a new chapter in my life where I want to go where I feel happy and where it feels like you can get more out of life, and the money is more valuable in terms of how much more you get for it. I have traveled to Thailand many times and fell in love with the country, its culture and people a long time ago. It is an ambition of mine to see what it is like to live (and work) there.

I am interested in hearing about any job opportunities as well as making new friends going through the same transition or thought process. I think I will be aiming at Hua Hin as I love the place and Bangkok is too congested and expensive now for my preferences.

I wish everyone here a prosperous and happy life! I hope you all achieve your ambitions.

Best Regards and Wishes from Sam

Sam Greenwood :

Hi all,

Nice to say hello to you all.
I would ideally like a job with a western salary (western based company), but as long as the salary is decent it does not really matter where the company is based. I am interested in hearing about any job opportunities as well as making new friends going through the same transition or thought process.
Best Regards and Wishes from Sam

Hi Sam,
Welcome to the forum. You can click on Jobs tab at top of the page for job opportunities. I don't know if they have many job opportunities with western salaries as I suspect thousands of expats already here would be applying for them. Most expats here have to take lower salaries in the 30k to 50k THB range (I would guess). Maybe you will get lucky. I am retired myself so can't really offer any first-hand advice.
Anyway, best of luck and welcome... Zeus

Hi Zeus,

Thanks for your feedback.

I realize a western salary is most likely just a pipe dream and very hard to get at first (maybe work into later through contacts?), but that is why I mentioned a decent salary would be sufficient. The 30-50k mark seems to be okay for a single person outside of Bangkok, and without doing too much in terms of late evening recreational activities.

I will see what pops up and send in some applications.

Thanks again and all the best!


Hi there!

I'm a Digital Marketing Enthusiast from Germany with a degree in Marketing Management (B.A).
I am currently staying in Bangkok looking for interesting and challenging job opportunities.

Feel free to offer suggestions, recommendations and/or tips.

Please also look up my LinkedIn Profile for more details.


Niklas :-)

Hi Guys,

My name is Paul. I've been visiting Thailand since 2011 and love everything about Thailand. The food, the nightlife, the weather, the beaches. What more can I say?

I'll be honest, i stumbled across this website while looking for places to list my girlfriends new visa business. She helps Thai expats get visas for their girlfriends so they can go for a holiday and visit them. If you got a minute, checkout her new website here.

Anyways I'll have a look around this website and maybe find some new friends on here.


Good location at chiangmai. Hope you get any partner for work. 


I'm Bob, lived in Thailand, came back but plan on returning. Interested in what changes are happening with the new airport being announced. Has new development begun yet around San Kamphaeng?

Hello everybody.
My name Thanh Hang 21 year old, i am Catholic was a Ms young girl Vietnamese refugee communist  and thus i must be leaving all behind flee escape to Bangkok Thailand Currently i needs search a job can earn any income ,i can few speak Thailand or English..
I'm interested join Expat and hope who can help me find a job

Hi too all,
My  name is Geoff originally from Wigan in Lancashire UK, i now live in Buriram with my wife Narintorn, we were married in July, no children, both retired but still active, like to follow the local football team "Buriram United" been to race circuit a few times, like to travel to different areas, many interests really, have gone through all the usual, new Thai driving licence new Thai I'D card and immigration dept to sort 1 year marriage visa, now we can enjoy life, currently trying to organise a holiday to UK to show my wife another side of life, anyway enough for now, Geoff.

Hi all new to the forum, I am looking for a job in Thailand I was working there for 4 years (back in
AUSTRALIA now ) and married a lovely Thai girl and now I want to go back to Thailand and find a job, so if anyone has  a need for a skilled Australian electrician and professional salesman in the industry I am here.

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