Room mate!


I am 22 year old female from Wales and I am moving to Abu Dhabi next month to start a new job. I am looking for someone to share accommodation with.

I will be looking for accommodation on Reem Island, in the Marina Square/ Gate Towers.

So if you are a female around my age and looking to share accommodation or know of someone who is, please message me! Or if anyone knows of any Facebook groups I could post in about this please let me know.


Hi Paedwards,

Welcome to

Could you please drop your advert in the Sharing accomodation in Abu Dhabi section of the website.

Thank you


Welcome to UAE. I live in marina square. But. Am man and I have wife and 4 kids cannt be your room mate .. kidding 🤣🤣🤣but if you want I can put advertise for you on the building advertising board if any one is looking.
Wish you a safe trip and enjoyable time.

That would be great!! Thank you!!

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