How to get a police clearance / good conduct certificate in Bahrain?

Is there need of NOC from employer for bahrain pcc??


Does one have to submit original passport for getting PCC?
Or only copy is enough?


Does original passport need to be submitted for getting PCC?

Thank you

Hello Xtang,
I am working in a government office. Is there a C.R. for these government offices? I think its only for private companies right? So is there a need to write a C.R. in the form for getting the police clearance? I asked our secretary and she does not know about it. How pity. Thank you so much. I look forward to your response.

As far as I know, government offices don't have a CR.  You can fill out the rest of the sponsor details minus CR.  I don't think it will be an issue.  It is just a form; what is really needed are your passport, visa and CPR details for them to do a background check (and all sponsor information will appear in those).

Is the CID releasing a copy of finger print?

What do you mean?   of course when you are fingerprinted, that information will be shared with law enforcement and intelligence agencies as and when required.

I mean, will they provide me a copy of my fingerprints? Coz I needed a copy to send in another country to get a police clearance there

Not sure whether that is possible usually fingerprints are digital in format, unless there is a way they can share. Why not visit them and ask?


No they won't provide you a copy as the finger prints are digital.  Secondly, to get clearance in other countries, the fingerprints are usually almost always done in ink at residence country police stations and attested before dispatch.

So what advice you can give me?

Go to the police station, get a fingerprint form, put your fingerprints, get it attested by MOFA and send it over to whichever country you need to send it to.

Any police station?

For more likelihood of success, go to one which is in your registered area i.e. CPR address.

Do you know how long it takes to get one when applying from abroad? I applied for it in the Bahraini embassy of a different country and am wondering how long I should  wait before thinking it may be lost.

Varies.  A month plus bare minimum.  Some people have had it take 6 months or more. Depends on embassy to embassy and yes, quite a few times, documents are lost.

I submitted my application in the Bahrain Embassy in Abu Dhabi. This was in the first week of June 2018. I was advised to wait for a month. It's now the middle of July 2018, and I still have not received any call from the embassy.  Is this normal?

Yes considering that during this time period, there was Ramadan and then Eid holidays.  A lot of people are out during this time period and work slows down.  However, keep in mind, that Embassies also routinely end up losing these applications so maintain constant follow up.

Hi my husband worked in bahrain 12 years ago, is it still possible to request for his good standing?we dont have his residence permit number anymore.....what should we do? Your help would be greatly appreciated.......thanks a lot

For any immigration need, you don't need beyond 10 years.  You can try by providing passport copies.

Hi xtang thanks for the reply, i hope they will accept the passport copy only....yes we need it for immigration purpose....

Does their working days include Saturday?

Not to my knowledge but check and let us know if that is not the case.

What are you asking for?  someone here to go and do it for you without knowing you?

None of us are PROs and everyone has full time jobs.   I would suggest to ask among your circle of friends or family.

Or a document clearing agency

I live in Canada, I do require a police clearance from Canada. I intend on traveling to Bahrain soon to get my police clearance, the document check list says I need
Passport photographs
Resident permit
Passport copy of pages

Do I still need to do a police clearance from Canada with finger prints before I arrive in Bahrain to acquire a good conduct certificate?

Also I’ll be travelling to Bahrain a visitor
I used to reside in Bahrain , then moved to Canada few years back.

Please advise.

If your coming here on visit there should not be a need for it.


Hi. How about if already out of Bahrain then suddenly there is an issue of blacklisted that is why they don't give a clearance? What can be done?

Your question is not clear.  If you are blacklisted on a labor ban (not immigration), then they will give police clearance.  You cannot enter to get it but you can apply for it using the Bahrain Embassy by sending fingerprints and the filled out form - as per the process.

If it is an immigration and / or legal ban, then I am afraid that you are out of luck and will not get police clearance.  And even if you do, it will be not a clear certificate i.e. it will show you have issues with the law and hence cannot be used anywhere.

as per the travel ban portal I do not have issues. It was from the prosecutor's office that told my friend I am blacklisted. I do not know how to verify that. During the years I was there I did not have any problems during my entry exit in Bahrain but now that I am out of Bahraim for good then this issue came out. So I was suprised.

The portal doesn't show everything.  A travel ban is to prevent people from leaving.  You can be blacklisted for other things and will be refused visas and / or detained on entering.  Prosecutor's office sounds like it is a legal issue.  Apply for clearance and see what happens.  Worst case, you have to resolve the matter before trying.

Hello and good afternoon. I just want know if someone who works here before in bahrain will personally comeback and apply for Police clearance certificate but she will deligate a representative to pick it up on her behalf since she needs to go back emmediately to her country ASAP. Is this possible?


Hello, i have a friend who wants to get good conduct certificate but there’s some problem in the past that he went to police station but he arranged it. Is there any posible that it will show in the certificate? Because he doesn’t know if they file a police case or not..

No way to know unless your apply or approach interior ministry to do a record check.  Police clearance application is simplest way to know.

Is the police clearance is the same as security approval? Im planning to get jordan visa from bahrain and one of the requirement is security approval from moi (because i’m on a sponsored visa from my husband). Thank you

I'm not sure if it is the same... try to visit CID adliya for personal inquiry...

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