Applying for Permanent Residency in Brazil Upon Arrival

Hi all,
I've read through the threads, but with the recent changes, my initial plan of applying for PR through my local consulate has fallen through. I will be in SP and ES on a tourist visa from March onwards after getting married in next month to my Brazilian fiance. As far as I can tell, I need my birth certificate, our marriage certificate, criminal check, and a guarantee from my husband to sponsor me in a sense. Is there anything I need to do in my home country (australia) before going? What documents do I need to bring after the November changes? I already have a CPF but no RNE or CIE.

Edit: would it also be better to file in ES with presumably less queues?



Make sure you have enough time to get married on the tourist visa. I would have your fiance go to the Cartório where the marriage will take place to make sure you have all of the documents. Some Cartórios have different requirements. Also, go the web page of to see what documents they require for the permanency. The Federal police requirements are different than the consulates outside of Brazil. also, your foreign documents will need to be apostilled in your country.  I have also heard that some things have been put on hold because of the new changes.

Good Luck

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