Resident/permit decision waiting time

Hey Yashminaa,

Since you say that your husband was asked to submit his pay slips and all a month ago. Sounds like they have everything else they need from you. Else they would have asked for those as well.

Just to be super sure, do you feel like you have anything more to submit to them or anything that they'll ask you to submit addionally? If not then go ahead and apply for the request to conclude a case. I think it's the perfect time for you to apply.

I asked you to check if they'll want any more information from you because they can reject your request to conclude a case if they feel like you don't have the sufficient info or that they need more information from you. Then you would have to wait in the queue and can't apply for this request to conclude a case more than once.

If you ask me, I would suggest you to apply for the request to conclude a case as it looks like everything is perfect.

Hope this helps. Get in touch if you have more questions. Good luck to you!

Shirani Juth

Hej sherani

Thanks for ur reply , i dont think there is any additional documents they need because all what they ask usually is with them now .
Am thinking to send the request next week so before the christmis and other holidays come in order not to deny my request as a lack of time .

Great then! Good idea to apply sooner. Even applying tomorrow would be great. :)
All the best to you. 😃 Keep us updated Yashimaa.

hej sherani

i just want to update you ; a few hours ago i received an email from the migration  telling me that my case has been settled , so now am waiting my husband to finish his work and get back home to check the post.
am really afraid because its just  this Monday we called them and they told us that there is no case officer right now , so how come in 5 days a decision is made suddenly and it took me only 6 months .
am praying to be positive .

Hey Yashika, I have a positive feeling. Fingers crossed! Hope it’s good news :)

I wasn’t informed about me having a case officer, I got to know that as I called MV for informing my return from Sweden. So there’s a big chance that you got your case officer after Monday and since all the information was there, they could make a decision?

Cos as far as I know one of the only information case officers ask for after being assigned is the payslips until the last month. Since you said your husband already submitted them last month, I think it was all there.

I am sure it is going to be positive. Good luck!

thanks for your positive feedback:)
i wish the positive decision for all of us .
i have just noticed that the mail will take about 3 days to be delivered so maybe on Wednesday i will know that decision .

Damn! That’s a long wait. Why don’t you try calling MV and asking them? Or maybe even get your case officer’s number from them and ask him/her?

Cos I remember reading somewhere that someone called the case officer to know what the decision was.

Already now the MV closed , so we'll see on Monday what will happen :)

Oh yeah! Forgot. So Monday it is. :)

Huy guys..

I finally got my Residence Permit. 🙏🙏🙏 after 10 months of waiting.. Good luck to those who are still waiting. Trust it'll come.

MangoAvocado ..
Thank you for your kindness to reply all my queries 😊😘 i really appreciate your help. God bless!

Hii aima

Woow good news am really happy for
How much days it took you to receive the decision letter after you get emailed that your case is setteled ?
Because on Friday i get email that my case is setteled and a decsion is madw but still my husband in sweden didnt receive the decsion in the post yet

I got the decision by mail, stating that i need to contact the Swedish cosulate. I did call them today and they told me that the MV granted my Residence permit. My husband did not yet get any post because we got the decision last friday so we are expecting to get it today or any day this week.

Hi Aima!

I'mm happy to hear the good news from you.. :) it's worth the wait!

More blessings to come! And you're welcome :) glad to have helped in small way.


Congratulations Aima! 😃 That's great news.
Good luck to a new start in Sweden!

Hey Everyone!

It's been encouraging to read everyone's stories and their experiences with MV.

I applied in September 2017, married my wife in January of 2018 and yet we haven't heard a thing from MV since.

However, we did find a loophole courtesy of the EU to diminish the wait time...

Given that my wife is Swedish it means she has EU rights as well. So she applied for a few jobs in Norway and before we knew it we had moved to Oslo by April of 2018. MV knows all about this, they've said it's 100% acceptable and as long as we keep our first hand contract in Sweden (which we have) all is good.

It's still been a huge hassle because we're not the biggest fans of Norway and it feels like we're waiting to start our lives but hopefully we hear something in the next month or two.

Hey Lelaamparo,

This is a very unique case. As long as MV knows about it and is fine then cool. Do you live along with your spouse in Norway? Where are you originally from?

Haven't you had your interview also? Strange if you haven't.

If you have had your interview then you should apply for the request to conclude a case. Maybe that'll lead you somewhere.

Hope you hear from them.
Good luck!

Hi everyone,

Me and my bfriend are together for 1.5 years now. We applied this june for Sambo and after 5 months he was asked to submit additional info. 2 weeks afterwards I got an email to set interview. I have an interview in one month.
The biggest concern for us is waiting period for a final decision. MV was pushy when it comes to my passport, they want me to make a new passport asap.
Is it mandatory to get an email stating that the case offices is assigned to our case?

Hey Lily,

Get your passport done soon if that is what MV is asking for, try to get it done as soon as possible. It is not always true that people get email for MV stating that a case officer has been assigned. I didn’t know I had one until I called accidentally found out while calling MV to inform something. Ofcourse, you will get a mail from your caseofficer once he/she opens your case and wants more information from you guys.

Once your interview is done and passport is done, I suggest you apply for the request to conclude a case. Maybe that’ll help fasten things if everything is in order. However, I believe it’s good to always have a sense of the reality. It has been 14 months since I applied and I have a case officer for 3 months now and still haven’t received a decision. It is possible for it to take time in some cases, let’s hope it happens soon for you but don’t be disappointed if it takes time.

Hope this helped. Good luck for the interview! It’s gonna be fine. Get in touch for more questions.

Best Regards,
Shirani Juth


Thank you so much for your answer. I made an appointment to set new passport the same they I got email from MV. This information was passed to MV so they can submit it to my case. When I made a call to set interview, they asked me to come and get a document that will help me get my new passport in 2 days.

To be honest, Im hoping that they want to give us an answer soon after my interview in embassy. We should be an “easy” case as he has a good job, big flat and we gave them lots of information regarding our relationship.
Also, everytime I go to Sweden I submit the flight ticket just to be aure that we are doing good thing.

The last 3 emails I got was from the same person and Im hoping that we have our officer.

Well, time will show :) Good luck to you too :)

Sounds great so far! Hope they give an answer soon. If you want to know whether he/she that’s writing to you is your case officer, you could call MV and ask if you have a case officer.
Also, there can be multiple case officers working on the case. I had a case officer just before I had my interview, she reviewed the case and set up me for the interview. However, after my interview she wasn’t handling my case and I was placed in a queue for a new case officer. I got a new case officer three months ago. She is the one that’ll be making the final decision she said.

My case is super easy as well, my husband has a flat, earns far beyond the MV requirements, we have sent endless pictures and all our flight tickets and hotel invoices (we have been traveling a lot to meet eachother in this wait so we update them with everything). Yet, they are taking so much time. Shocks me how slow they work, so inefficient. If I were to review my own case, wouldn’t even take 2 days even if I was super slow with it. I too thought I would get a decision soon after my interview. :(

Don’t get discouraged though, you have a better chance as you can apply for the request to conclude your case soon after your interview. Hope you get it fast. Fingers crossed!


I am from the Phil. And we are going to start our online application. Just got married last nov. In Sweden and i am back now in the Philippines to start the online application. May i ask for your help on what are the necessary documents needed to include?? Hopefully all the possible documents needed..

Hi @MonalisaAbasolo

I am also from the Philippines.

I applied for a residence permit March of 2017, I got an approval August 2018.
If I remember it correctly, I only had to upload 2 documents online (a scanned copy of my Certificate of No Marriage, and of my passport).

Aside from that, I also saved all supporting documents that I thought would be of help. These are:
1. Any legal documents that would verify my identification
2. Any legal documents that would verify my boyfriend's identification
3. Any document that proved our relationship is serious and genuine - how long have we been together as a couple, when and how did we meet, how often did we see each other during the relationship. These includes photos, travel tickets, hotel bookings, and even chat and webcall histories.

Hope this helps! Good luck!



Congratulations it was fast... I sent my application online on 26 of November 2018 and I got an Email today 12th of December that a decision have been made.. I wrote in the application that we are thinking to move to Sweden in 2020, Why so fast? Maybe it has been rejected? I called the embassy today in Canberra and they said that could give an answer on Friday by phone


Wanted to ask if anyone heard about the form for a quicker decision?

There is a form that allowes you to ask for a decision to be made in 4 weeks, if you have waited more than 6 months.

Anyone has experience with this?

Hello! I have been staying in Sweden for 2 and half months now. Applied for a residence permit (under both Swedish and EU law) last November. The migration officer told me that I can stay in Sweden while waiting for the verdict. However, my tourist visa will expire by the end of this month and I am worried about what if I would need to go back to my country when my visa is expired already and dont have my residence permit answer. Anyone else has similar situation

I was in Sweden for 6 months with a visitor's permit (while my residence permit was still ongoing). During my 4th month my boyfriend received an update that I had to leave Sweden because they were on their way to make a decision. We kindly requested that I stay until before my visa expires because we wanted to maximize the stay and we already booked the ticket back to PH and planned the whole trip there. They granted our request and advised us to inform them and send passport stamps once I left Sweden, which we did. I got the decision (approved) 2 months after I arrived home.

You need to leave Sweden before your visa expires. Im not sure how does it work now but back then, the rule is the applicant had to be outside Sweden before MV makes the decision.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the immediate response MangoAvocado.

I was advised by two migration agency officer that I can wait here in Sweden. I was in doubt with the first one that's why I asked another migration agency officer again and she said the same thing. Is your boyfriend a Swedish? My husband is a Danish and we actually didn't get why apparently they made the rules harder for the Swedish citizens compared to other Nordic citizens who wish to bring their family here. We applied both under Swedish and EU rule. I think its under EU rule that you're eligible to apply within Sweden. Also, the applying under the EU rule do not require interview at all as how I understood it.

I am just really worried about my visa expiring soon and emergency cases that I would be needing to get back to PH after my visa expires.

Hi Gum...z,

Yup, my bf is Swedish.. I am sorry I have no idea about EU rules.. They probably have different set of rules for that since your husband is Danish wanting to move to Sweden with a non-EU wife..

I don't think you should be worried flying back home from Sweden before your visa expires. It's more scary to stay there with an expired visa.  Leaving Sweden should not cease the processing of your application. It might take some time for you to get a decision, but I have read some stories here that they have requested their applications to be expedited. I have no idea how did they do it though, I didn't do it myself. We just waited patiently for 18 months - he visited me three times in PH and I visited him once during that 18 months of waiting.

Hope this helps.


Hi Gum...z,

Please keep in mind: You need to leave Sweden BEFORE your visa expires, NOT after.

Good luck with your journey.
Wishing you a happy year ahead!


Hi. Don't worry about your Visa is about to expire. I'm in kind of the same situation (my husband is from Norway), but I applied for a RESIDENCE CARD for non-eu  family members. My case officer said I can stay in Sweden (EVEN after my Visa is expire) and wait decision. IF my application will be deny, I'll have 2 weeks to leave Sweden without any problems (*all these according to my officer's words).

I was worrying about my Visa too. But that was what they said to me. BTW, according to migrationsverket site, I can also start to work or study right after I moved to Sweden (even before I get my decision). But practically it's almost impossible;((

gumiwermzzz ,
I've read some of girls got their decisions very fast (just after couple of weeks), hope we will have our decision soon🙏

I agree! I've been trying to look for job but most job requires you to speak swedish, and both english and swedish for the others.

I looked into the possibility of applying for Swedish for Immigrant language lesson as well, but it requires personal number. Haha. So it is really quite impossible 😂

Do you have your residence permit already?

I agree! I've been trying to look for job but most job requires you to speak swedish, and both english and swedish for the others.

I looked into the possibility of applying for Swedish for Immigrant language lesson as well, but it requires personal number. Haha. So it is really quite impossible 😂

Do you have your residence permit already?

The same here:( for SFI they ask personnummer, and in Skatteverket (when I wanted to apply for personnummer) they ask for a residence card (they don't care that according to EU law, I can move to my EU/EEU husband and start work/study immediately:(( )
And no, I still wait for my decision (but it's been just 2 months)

I applied almost 2months ago too. Nov 28 under eu rule and dec. 11 under swedish rule. We applied under both because we heard that most nordic citizens with non eu family apply on both.

Hoping for a very nice decision for us, soon 😊

gumiwermzzz :

I agree! I've been trying to look for job but most job requires you to speak swedish, and both english and swedish for the others.

I looked into the possibility of applying for Swedish for Immigrant language lesson as well, but it requires personal number. Haha. So it is really quite impossible 😂

Do you have your residence permit already?

Hello Ladies,
It is possible to learn Swedish without a personal number, only difference is you have to pay for the courses by your own but prices are not so unfair. Please follow the link below … -language/

Thanks for this!

Yeah i have looked into that as well. However, if i can get the sfi for free once i get my personnummer, then why not just take the free course instead of paying 😂

There are also free online courses available.. :) Ive been relying on these while waiting for my actual language classes, and I must say it's a very helpful way to start. I managed to learn few basic Swedish words and compose basic and simple sentences. :)

Hope this helps. :)

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