Resident/permit decision waiting time

I applied for my residence permitt in july 2019..
How long do you think it might take..
How long did yours take

Hello luc what is the name of the Facebook.
I applied 6months ago and decision is still pending
What does it mean??


Submitted our application last July 2019 but then when I send an email asking about the status of our application it´s still waiting for a case officer to handle our case and it´s been 6 months already.

I applied last july i got a case officer now


Hej! When did they assigned a case officer to your case?

Thank you!😊

I just emailed then and asked and they told me my case is been handled now

I am hoping that my case will be handled too soon. Submitted our application as well last July 2019. 🙏

Try and send them an email.....

I will. Thank you so much!🙏😊

Keep on bothering them until they give you a case officer

Thanks for the advice!😊

It's been 9 answer yet.
I applied in April 2019, From Jamaica, had to fly to Colombia to do the interview in September, now it says decision pending. What does decision pending mean? Should i contact Migrationsverket to see what's up?

If you're done with your interview, you should expect a decision soon. Update them and send an email regarding with your application.

Thank you, I'll send them an E-mail and keep you all posted on their reply.

Hello Hello ,

I just want to ask if you have any Idea , I applied last February 6. 2020 a residence permit my husband is a Swedish citizen but he is retired. We just knew for a year and He went here in Thailand for us to get married were living for 3 months before we got married. Do you think they're going to approve my case?

Thank you!

I email them yesterday regarding about my case I was applying thru online and they told me that my case is now handled by the migration agency in Sweden. I hope that they will give me a schedule for an interview before I come back to Philippines.

Keep emailing them and let your partner email them as well. Let him follow-up for it so they can cater your case as soon as possible.

I received an email that they cater now those who applied last year July 2019.

I just applied this month. I've heard for a friend she applied last July 2019 and was approved last November 2019. She schedule interview for two weeks prior to her application.

I got an email yesterday after I sent them one last week. I applied in May 2019

It  basically said that they didnt have a decision time yet and I had to be patient, they didnt even answer my question if a case worker was assigned.

Let your partner email them as well. My partner and I always send an email asking for an update.

She sent an e-mail to them through the website as well and responded with a generic template showing her the "TIme for a Decision" website.

This feels like limbo. Haha

May I have the email address for migration in Sweden? Can't find it online. Thank you!

Here's the email address migrationsverket[at]

Thank you! My husband went to migrationsverket vasteras Sweden to follow up and they told to my husband that we will wait 2-3 weeks for some updates because they forward our case to obre. I hope I get a better feedback next month.

Hi everyone,

I applied last August 2019 to move to my husband. I've done my interview yesterday (20 Feb. '20) at Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok. Just wondering how much longer we'll be waiting til we get a decision? Thanks!

Hi Sis,

Can you give us tips sa interview. Some Questions po. Thank you!

Hi, I applied 07/06/2019, and did my interview 13/02/2020. I’m still waiting for the decision from Swedish migration, hoping for the best.

The interview is not hard, don’t be panic, the questions they ask you, is as in the application. Juste remember what you have answered in the application when applying. Good luck

Hi, I think is depend on what type of application you submitted.

As for my friend it took just a week for him to get his decision, because he got married.

In my case I’m moving to my partner my girlfriend, I’m waiting over a month now. Good luck for all of us.

You can check your application through their website. If the decision has been made or pending
And you need put to your case number  8 digits

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