Resident/permit decision waiting time

Hey there!

Just curious, are you a non-eu member and your husband is Swedish?

My wife and I are in a similar situation and we've already waited for 17 months with what feels like no end in site. We're trying to see if somehow we can use EU rules and regulations to our advantage.


My husband is a danish. What about your wife? Did u apply from sweden? Pretty sure you can apply under eu rule as well. Here's the link to it … rules.html

If im not mistaken if u apply under eu rule and in 6months u haven't heard an answer yet, you can call them and demand them an answer. Some people say that you really have to keep calling them if they haven't answered for a long time.

Thanks for sharing the info!

My wife is Swedish and I'm American. So we essentially did something similar to this ruling where we moved to Norway because they could grant her and I family residence cards since she's from a Nordic country. However, the same doesn't apply for us wanting to go to Sweden because she's a citizen of that country and therefore the process is entirely different... and long.

We're currently 17.5 months in and it feels like there's no end in sight. We're considering doing the request to conclude a case thing and just go from there.

Actually I have heard some cases where their partners are swedish and apparently they make it hard for the swedish nationals to bring in their non eu family. Im not so sure about this tho, it's just an observation.

Have they at least contacted you within that 17.5months waiting?

Hey gumiwermzzz,

I've heard the same thing! And it's really starting to feel like they do go out of their way to make it so difficult for us.

They did contact us around the 9th month needing more info and we've spoken to our case manager twice since then and she said everything looks good - but that's about the extent of it.

By the way, saw your from the Philippines, that's where my mother is from, beautiful country :)

Hi to all,

I am newby here, I have applied for residents permit moving with someone in Sweden which is my bf last Oct 2018, and last 3 days ago I received email from Swedish Migration Agency asking me to book appointment for oral investigation. I'm currently working in Papua New Guinea. I would like to ask for advise if I can request a specific date of interview due to my contract will be end on July and can we choose the embassy we want to do the interview if I'm Philippine passport holder? Coz I have read that it can be done in Thailand but I would like to do it in Singapore.

Appreciate  for the advise soonest before I book my appointment online.


Hey everyone!

I got my decision yesterday. I have been granted a residence permit for 2 years. I applied on 5th October 2017 and received my decision after almost 15 and a half months. Do get it in touch if any of y'all need help with your current applications. I would be glad to help from my experience. Cheers!

Shirani Juth

Hello new here....i just want to ask how long will it take to wait for the RP applied last oct 2018? and my husband just received a msg from MV to send additional informations and it was said that he should submit it within 2weeks so that they can make a it a good sign????thanks

Hi everybody

New here,I have applied online application to move to my partner who is a citizen and am non Eu, we have a son he's born here so we started working on him first and in few months he got a swedish passport last year.
So i applied for RP on 9th September 2018,I got an email to book an appointment on 5th October 2018 then i got the appointment for my interview on 14th January this year which I did and i guess it went well.

They took biometrics and the interviewer told  me they need more info they will contact my partner,that it will take a year,or 15 months or more so I would like to know does it take that long?

So I’ve basically read everyone’s story I’m visiting my fiancé soon . I wanted to know the estimate time on everyone’s case from the us because I know it varies from country to country . Also the embassy is in my city (DC) so it shouldn’t be a problem getting there .

Hey. My name is Racheal and I’m from Kenya. I am 21 years old have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for two years now . I’m receiving my passport on Friday . We are torn into two because I’m not employed and neither I’m I studying. I am living with my parents and I do work for them . It’s not really a professional job . Just something to save up . I do not have a bank account yet .  I’ve heard it’s not easy to get an approval on visa application due to my unemployment status . That’s because I don’t have strong  ties to my country . My boyfriend had visited me twice. I really want to meet his family and we’re also considering applying for a residence permit.

I’m not sure what to do . Should I just go ahead and apply for a residence permit? Since it’s quite impossible to get approved on visa . I’m not saying it’s easy to get a permit card . Or should I just stick to the visa application first ?

I’m confused. I’ll really appreciate any feedback. Thank you .

@Rachel Zacariah  As you can see there are already several posts which hasn't been replied by anyone.

If you start a new thread to ask your questions then it will be more open for other members to participate and give you some input without going off topic from this thread.

It is better you apply for a residence permit once you can prove the relationship. Getting a Visa in your situation will be a little difficult.

Hey Rachel,

Before I answer your questions, I want to clarify certain things. You said you have been in a relationship for 2 years and he has visited you twice? Meaning you have met eachother only twice in the two years?

If you have met only twice, your relationship would not look as serious to Migrationsverket. I suggest you apply for a relative visa to meet your boyfriend and his family in Sweden. Take a lot of photos and keep the tickets you travel with safely to attach while applying for permit later.

You can get a visa without employment. Your boyfriend can be your sponsor and he has to show his income to get the visit visa.

As far as residence permit concerns, they don't care about your employment even a bit. The application will focus on how serious and real your relationship with the Swedish national Is, and your boyfriend's employment status and ability to earn for the both of you. 

The reason why your employment doesn't matter is because you will be relocating to Sweden and it'll take a few months to get the personal number, job etc and your boyfriend should be able to support you financially until then. 

P.S- I applied for my visit visas and  residence permit both while I was unemployed. I was not denied even once.

I hope I answered your question. Feel free to message me if you have more doubts.

Shirani Juth

Ebonykey :

So I’ve basically read everyone’s story I’m visiting my fiancé soon . I wanted to know the estimate time on everyone’s case from the us because I know it varies from country to country . Also the embassy is in my city (DC) so it shouldn’t be a problem getting there .

It took our case 18 months and that was with a request to conclude a case. I'm from Arizona, so DC was my embassy as well.

hej! i got decision after 4 months from
the interview date (October 2018) i think waiting time now is less than 1yr😊 Goodluck♥️

Hi Ping1021
When did you apply for the residence permit?

hej Shakie
  sorry for the late reply.I applied last march 31,2018. I received email from migration October 2018 for the interview (schedule). Then Feb. 2019 i got the decision 😊🙏🏻

Alright Ping1021
Congratulations happy for you

Hello everyone
I would like to know if my boyfriend come to visit me before getting a decision would it affect anything about the process?

Hi! Lottie from Philippines and a newbie here.  I was at Sweden last January to March with a tourist visa. Now, Im applying for a sambo visa and submitted my application last match 20. Last april 2, i received an email asking me to book an appointment in Bangkok, Thailand which I did. On the same day, I emailed and requested for an interview for April, they replied that April is fully booked and the earliest date they can give me is on aug 1. 2019. In the email, date and time, dossier number and application number are already indicated, WHICH I THOUGHT WAS AN INDICATION THAT MY INTERVIEW  SCHEDULE IS ALREADY CONFIRMED. so, i did not reply for a confirmation.

Now, what bothers me is that should I reply and confirm? I emailed them earlier if my scheduled interview was confirmed probably get an answer tomorrow  but cant help but to worry and be bothered.

Anyone here knows if its okay if I dont replied and confirm ed to their email?

Thank you in advance.

yes for sure they will reply.nothing to worry😊 goodluck

you should confirm to them the date.just to be sure that u have booked already.

no it doesn't matter 😊 you can meet during the waiting period.

I already sent them an email earlier. My worry is that what if i needed to email back and confirm that im agreeing with the date theyre giving me. And since i did not emailed back, they might not save it for me.

just reply to the email if the date that they give you is okay.

You didn't reply to the migration after they give you date and time for the interview?you should reply to that email because they need your answer if you can come on that date

Oh. Im so worried. I hope i get a reply asap from the bangkok visa team.

dont worry,they will reply.goodluck😊

Hi Lottie,

Usually i would reply to an email especially if it is an important appointment and with regards to schedule. Unless it is a "no-reply email" which is usually mentioned in the body text or even on the subject. A confirmation and/or an acknowledgement email is very important especially for urgent matter, such as schedule. It can happen (in other cases) that the propsed schedule won't be confirmed without a reply. Dont worry too much. The best you can do right now is to reply to them confirming the propsed sked (unless, like i said, it's a no-reply email). This is if you havent done that, or unless you would like to request for another schedule. But it is important and it is also courteous to always acknowledge an important email.

Best of luck 😊

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