Raising kids in the United Arab Emirates

Hello everyone,

How is raising kids in the United Arab Emirates different from raising kids in your home country?

What are the activities that your kids seem to enjoy the most in the United Arab Emirates?

Do you feel that the country is "family-friendly"?

Do you recommend the United Arab Emirates as a good place to raise kids? Why or why not?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


That's quite a topic to discuss about in here, I believe it's manageable in terms of the facilities provided and law implementations, however, in terms of cost spent and raising a child here might be quite difficult unless you have mid-high income... I myself can't speak of an experience but I find out a lot of expat have no issues raising their legitimate children in the UAE.

Settling down with family to another country is always been a project to analyze and discuss , especially if country is new to you. We face many challenges and many factors needs to be considered before finalizing the place to relocate. This task become more complicated if you have children . Before finalizing any place many factors has to be keep in mind like cost of education, Education standard as compare to your home country , activities to do for past time and culture etc.
UAE is nice place to relocate and work , the work culture and people are very friendly . In terms of child education , so many good schools are available which provides quite good education . It will be erroneous to compare the education system as per your home country because everywhere their is some positives and negatives. But you have to analyze and decide based on your requirements.

UAE supports all education systems from all over the world , so education system is not a problem as so many schools follow British curriculum as well as Indian and so on. But the cost of education is very high and it would be difficult to support your child if your income is not more then 18000 AED. About other extra curricular activities all schools provide several kind of activities which can be easily accessible. only problem I feel is culture as here is multi cultural country , its quite hard to teach your own culture to your child.

In my point of view , I suggest to you to relocate if all above negative points are acceptable to you and you are ready to pay hefty amount for education .


Raising   achild  is  not  easy  at  all  since  a  largest  percentage  of  expats  earns  less than   2000   dirhams  per month  ,despite  standards  of  education  here    are good  but  they  are  not  meant  for  us.  But  we  have  other  reasons  to appreciate  the  UAE  government  for  its  policies  favorable  for  experts  like  accomodation  ,  transportation   and  safety  for  every one  .  compared to  other  GCC  countries  UAE   takes  it  to be  aplace  to  live  in.

Hi Priscilla,

It's pretty expensive to raise children in uae especially paying for school fees . You can only manage that situation if you are very rich or financially comfortable.  Security wise, you can raise your children here cos it's very safe to live in uae.  There is no violence at all. Very safe to live in. I hope my reply helps you . Thanks

Im single... I don't have kids but I don't think its a good place to raise kids. Its a beautiful place for tourism and holidays they are a lot of sites to see and things to enjoy for you and your family but its not for raising children if you are a foreigner with average income

UAE is family friendly in terms of activities and infrastructure...this includes beaches and transportation etc. However, as much as I love RAK,  I'm disappointed that there are no free traditional playgrounds or at least if there are, they are relatively unknown.  Each district should have a large well kept park with all the necessary swings etc. One shouldn't have to go to paid places in malls all the time.  But my greatest disappointment is the lack of good reasonably priced schools.  Rak only offers 4 schools where expats can put their kids. And all of them are very expensive and not great in terms of education.  These schools are pure money making businesses with no consideration for the kids futures.

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