Accommodation in Al Ruwais


i'm Suria from Malaysia. Can anyone please help me on how much is the average rental rate for a room in Al Ruwais? Is it easy to get a room there?

Appreciate yr help :)

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Ruwais is remotely located approx 250 km from abu dhabi and there is residential house for rent , ruwais do have township for oil companies employees where approx 3500 families are living and have been provided with all facilities

i hope you had employment in ADNOC group of industries


correction please  , there is no house for rent

Hello I am considering a position near Al Ruwais, I am not with the oil company and need to find housing. Is there anything for rent?

Hi,nice to discuss with u,i live in Ruwais,if you wanna get an apartment here in ruwais you suppose to be an ADNOC/ or oil company employee or if you want to get a room here,you don't need to be an employee of any companies,but you'll need to search for a room rental only which will living with a family or girl sharing room.

How to get a family accomodation in Ruwais on rent?

Yah , accommodation available in ruwais .

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Accommodation in Al Ruwais Hi,

i'm michael . Can anyone please help me on how much is the average rental rate for a room in Al Ruwais? Is it easy to get a room there?

Appreciate yr help

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Can you please advise if there is any rental house in Al Ruwais for a family with total 4 members? Any webpage for it? And please advise average costs for rent?


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it is difficult getting a apartment for rent in ruwais because they are all allocated by Adnoc to their staffs, though some of them usually rent it out, but if the housing authority finds out you will be evicted without notice...other close options are ghyatti and mirfa. Goodluck in your search.


This is incorrect.  I do not work for ADNOC but I am a consultant at Barakah Nuclear Power Plant and I am renting housing from ADNOC.  If anyone is looking to rent anything in Al Ruwais they need to go to the ADNOC building next to the post office in downtown Al Ruwais and ask to speak to Altaf.  There is a price list for housing and some are better than others but there is the possibility of renting through ADNOC.  I don't believe they do individual renting but renting through your employer but you pay the rent.  Currently my lease is in my employer's name and I am responsible for the rent.  I hope this helps and clarifies some of the misconceptions about renting in Al Ruwais.

Wrong, if you go to the ADNOC office they do rent them out to non staff. You need to talk to Altaf or Mussaf about renting apartments or villas directly.

Contact number of altaf or mussah?

Any one working as a contract employee in Barakkah

Hey , Thank you for the valuable information.  It would be a great help if you could Share the contact number of those persons.

Thank you

Contact number of altaf or mussah?

@suria it will come around 2000 AED

@suria it will come around 2000 AED for Full furnished.



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Can you help me to rent furnished apartments for 3 weeks  in al ruways .

Thanks a lot 


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