Moved in for 2 weeks. Which broadband service provider should I pick?

I've moved in for almost 2 weeks, but my apartment still hasn't installment any broadband service. I'm now just using mobile internet, which is simply not enough to support my other online activities. So I've come across HKBN, PCCW, Smartone, which one is the best choice? What do you guys think?
I have to make a decision by next week.

A few advices:

1. you should check on the operators websites, because not every one of them is available in every building.  My place is not eligible for PCCW fiber, only DSL, for example. My previous building only accepted PCCW.

2. you should then call the available operators to get a quote. Most have "special promotions" that they do not publish on their website. The price can be significantly different (esp. PCCW)

3. know that the different bandwidths usually only apply to local communications ie. when you want to connect to servers in Hong Kong and watch TV. If you want to browse servers in the US or Europe, the bandwidth may be the same whether you pay a basic 25mbps line or a high-end 1gbps line.

4. don't forget to check the duration of the contract. Flexible contracts can sound a bit more expensive but you'll appreciate them when you decide to move flats in 14 months and the operator is asking you an outraging fee for that.

5. If the option is open, ignore all the advices above and go with HKBN. Ahah Just joking. Or not.

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