Housing in cartagena

Hi can anyone recommend suburbs near cartagena? I lnow living in cartagena is really expensive but i was wondering prices and good locations of suburbs or towns near cartagena that are reasonably priced?
Ive been also looking at Santa Marta. But truly would prefer near cartagena.  Also prices to rent and or purchase. We want to rent first to make sure we are happy there before purchasing. Any suggestions and help would be grately appreciate.

Have you found a good site that offer rentals at a good price in Cartegena?

Following to see if anyone answers you, as we too are looking into moving to Cartagena.

Hola Maria,

We recently purchased a new apartment in Cartagena, 5 min from the airport and downtown. Considering the prices in Florida, we felt we got a bargain. We have been renting it by days, but might be willing to consider a short term lease.

What is your budget?



Planning to study Spanish in Cartagena as off december 2018, but shocked about the rental prices...
Would appreciate any tips about affordable serviced apartments...

Have you looked at AirBNB?
https://www.airbnb.com/s/Cartagena--Col … ide%5B%5D=

Here is one for $11/night:
https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/22884728?l … s=_AjBUHQz

I assume since you're going there to study Spanish you do not yet have a facile command of the language - nevertheless it may profit you to look at the listings on Locanto for apartments and even rooms.  Many of these especially the rooms are rented by the owner and not an agency.  It could give you more chance to learn the language, too, and see how ordinary people in Cartagena live!
http://cartagena.locanto.com.co/Apartam … iendo/301/

http://cartagena.locanto.com.co/Habitac … iendo/302/

hi , thanks for your post... you are right I do not speak a word of Spanish yet so reading Spanish adds will be a challenge.... will have a loo though

Google Translate gives it a pretty good whirl, here for the rooms for rent:

https://translate.google.com/#es/en/htt … o%2F302%2F

Just press "Spanish" for the button on the left side, "English" for the button on the right side, and then on the right side press the button "Translate".

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