Websites with apt rentals geared for "Locals"

Hello, I am considering retirement somewhere in Columbia. Can anyone direct me to websites that have rental listings that cater to local people.  In other words websites that do NOT have listings for "snowbirds" or vacation rentals, or list their properties in English.

Thanking all in advance for their time in this matter

Dear Johnny,

The apartments that locals rent are

generally not advertised on the Web.

When you arrive in your destination city,

walk around desirable neighborhoods

looking for signs saying arriendo

or arrendar. Ask doormen and

so-called vigilantes in or around

lobbies -- they often know what

apartments are for rent. You may want

to offer a modest propina

if they contact you about an apartment

and you are successful renting it.

If there are Internet cafés around,

check the papers posted on their

bulletin boards.

Let us know how it goes for you.

FYI, the correct spelling is Colombia.


@cccmedia  As it read on the first page of my thermodynamics book in college; To err is human, to check is engineering :-).

Also, thanks for the tip.

@Johnny Earl

Check out influencer William "Bill" Hutchinsons of Armenia's channel for a link to a website that serves locals.  Bill periodically reviews apartments and neighborhoods of Armenia in his videos. While he hasn't been able to provide a full link to the properties due to YouTube restrictions, he at least provides the domain name of the website as well as the listing number for the properties he talks about.

By the way, Bill periodically has said in some of his videos that he "will never ask you for money in my videos" which is a direct shot at the live streamer in Armenia. Of course, Bill does offer paid services like walking tours of Armenia, he means he won't ask you for handouts/contributions.  I find him much more authentic than the live streamer.

Finally, Bill likes to close his videos saying, "I live in Paradise; so can you!"

@Mr. Barley Thank you

You should also look at Locanto, which is like Craigslist - ads are placed free, many by owners but also by agencies.  Each major city in Colombia will have its own Locanto webpages.

Here, for instance, for Bogotá, Medellín and Cali:

Look under INMOBILIARIA and then for rentals, click on Apartamentos en arriendo for apartments, Habitaciones en arriendo for rooms, and Casas en arriendo for houses.  Furnished units will generally include the description, "amoblado".

@OsageArcher  Thanks, muy amable

@Johnny Earl, Finca Raiz is a good option for rentals.  Many if not most of the Colombian apartments and houses are rented by a sign in the window, but the website  also has many options. 

Don't fall in love with the property without confirming that it is still.  Some of the listings are old to get you to call.  Especially if it's with a property management company, but in my opinio, most are accurate.

@Johnny Earl

There are several apps that you can use.  My favorite is Finca Raiz.  . This site is for locals.  Keep in mind that manybif not most properties in the non-tourist areas of Colombia are still rented by a sign in the window.  However any are online as well. 

When you find a property, contact the listed name to confirm that the property is still available.  Then you will need to schedule n appointment to see the property.  It's not like the US where they all have a keypad to access.  Some may be old listings, but I then use that to create a value for the neighborhood.  Once you narrow down your neighborhood you can always drive around and find several signs for rent.

@Johnny Earl

         It is Colombia , no offense meant not Columbia