Looking for 6 month rental from Nov1 to Apr 30


I am a 47 year old disabled Italian-American war veteran.

I will be traveling alone for  6 months time from November 1 and leave the morning of April 30th.

I want to explore the city and help to determine if I could move to Cartagena.

Are all utilities included for a month stay?

Will you be helpful in showing me the most economical way to tour the city, see the sites, places to eat, etc?

How long does it take to get to the apartment from the main airport and what does this cost?

Please tell me the best price you can give for a 6 month stay, as I am a disabled veteran on a budget.

Also any other information you can provide will be greatly appreciated,



You may want to explore the options with Airbnb in Cartagena.  You can rent rooms, apartments or houses for varying lengths of time, usually with native hosts:

https://www.airbnb.com/s/Cartagena--Col … ide%5B%5D=

For guides while in Cartagena, you could try Showaround which has people willing to show you around their city, some for free, some for a few dollars/pesos:

https://www.showaround.com/s/Cartagena, … 7199999998


I already am looking there, I am looking for other options.


If this is an exploratory trip, to see if you want to stay in Colombia longer, many on this forum recommend to stay in different cities while there.  Each has their own advantages and disadvantages.  Recommend staying in a city for 1 month each to get a better feel for the different areas of the country.

Cartegena can be stifling hot and humid.  Bogota chilly and crowded.  Medillin comfortable but increasing pollution.  Pereira (coffee triangle) rainy but beautiful.

Those adjectives don't do each city justice....just a very quick overview of the differences in the country.

It does make finding options other than AirBNB more difficult though.

Small private hotels cost very little in Colombia and can be a good source of information during exploratory trips.

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