Cartagena accommodation


Could anyone recommend a reasonably priced, central hotel-hostel or airbnb for a mature Swedish couple from Feb 10-20? Email please

Or even someone needs a petsitter. Currently petsitting in Medellin. Thank you.

Hi Julian,

I don't know of anyone needing a petsitter, but for the airbnb you really can't go wrong with just choosing one on airbnb's site.

I would recommend staying either in the walled city or getsemani.

Quick breakdown of the neighborhoods.

bocagrande - typical city with the high risers and traffic. Lots of people stay here because of the hotels with nice amenities.

walled city - the historical neighborhood with beautiful colonial and republican architecture. you can find everything from cheap hostels to expensive boutique hotels with beautiful courtyards.

getsemani (my favorite and 5 minute walk to the walled city) - similar to the walled city but more raw and gritty. here you will find more locals compared to the walled city which is all tourists. still lots of tourists and getsemani but its a good balance of locals and tourists.


Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Kind regards

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