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hi,this is a question i,m sure you,ve all heard before but its tricky.
I need to make an international payment to acleda bank from my uk bank but my uk bank needs the iban code.
Acleda claim they have no iban and the account number is sufficient ,which it clearly isn,t.
THey seem to have no conception of an iban and just plead ignorance.
I,m sure someone must have come across this before,so any suggestions would be appreciated,regards,peter.

I have a simular question. I want to transfer some money to a cambodian bank. Can anyone tell me how this works with iban?

I would think what you are referring to may be the bank swift code which is needed for international transfers. These can be found with a Google search.

Thanks for your reply but they need the swift ,which I have and the Iban which is more than just the account number.
They claim this is ok but for a uk bank it is insufficient,thanks for helping, regards,Peter.

At the risk of being facetious, could your UK bank give some information as to exactly what this code is ??

An iban is a lengthy code containing numbers , letters and .
often symbols.
On a uk statement it is generally found in the top right hand corner of your monthly paper statement.
It is perfectly standard procedure for international transfers.
You're not being facetious at all ,at least you're trying to help,cheers.


Have come across this site, www.swiftbic.com  Open the site click on Cambodia. ACLEDA bank is at the top. Open "view" to the right of bank column. There is an explanation as to how to convert your bank account number to IBAN.
Read through it all. Hope it helps.

Thanks stumpy,I'll give it a go but been scouring the net for six hours now so got to get some shut eye but I'll look before I turn in and thank you very much for your help.
I'll let you know how it goes,cheers,pal.

Thanks mate,it was a good call but in the drop down list of countries,Cambodia is not included,surprise,surprise,oh well you've been a great help,cheers again.

IBAN is mostly used for transferrring money to Europe. What you need is not IBAN as you are transferring USD to Acleda Bank.

Instead you will need the SWIFT code of Acleda Bank and the SWIFT code of the intermediary bank in US that will be clearing the USD on behalf of Acleda Bank.

Beneficiary bank: ACLEDA BANK PLC.

SWIFT code of intermediary bank: SCBLUS33XXX

Standard Chartered Bank is the appointed intermediary bank for Acleda Bank.

This should work, as I just did a transfer to Acleda Bank 2 weeks ago.


Hello Pete.

All banks have a Swift code, it's all letters no digits.

Accleda bank Cambodia has this code: ACLBKHPP

You have to state the branch in your details, as well your full name, as in the bankbook.


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Thanks but I am transferring from a uk bank who insist on having a correct iban thanks for your help

Thanks joe but I have all the details and have tried many Tim,my uk bank insists on a full and proper iban code,it is uk policy,cheers

Pete utley :

Thanks joe but I have all the details and have tried many Tim,my uk bank insists on a full and proper iban code,it is uk policy,cheers

I think this will help:


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internati … unt_Number
Check out the above link; you will see that Cambodia is not in the list of countries with IBAN.

For remittance instructions to Acleda Bank, below link is the remittance instructions of Acleda Bank. You can see the SWIFT codes of Acleda and its intermediary banks, but no guidance on IBAN:
https://www.acledabank.com.kh/kh/assets … ceUSD1.pdf

Yes,thanks,I have been to clear this morning and they most certainly do not issue an iban.I would like to thank everyone for their help but unfortunately I have to find another means.
This could mean a lengthy atm withdrawal process.
Oh well,thanks to you all, regards,Peter

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