Hello Everyone,
       I am Aniket from India. I have an opportunity to work in Sagamu, Nigeria as an Agriculture Production Manager.
I wanted to know, how is Sagamu city?
What facilties should I ask company to provide?
Please let me know if someone knows about it.

Thank you,


Hello There

All I can tell you is that unless your housing and security is well catered for, Shagamu is not a metropolitan city like Lagos or Abuja. If you are used to rural India, then you can cope with shagamu. If you are used to hardship and hardy, you will survive......if you are a city girl, that place is not for you....God Bless

Hello Abati,
       Thank you very much for your valuable reply. Is Sagamu a small city? Shall I get necessary things there? How's nightlife in Sagamu?
Good day.

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