Is life in Delta State safe?

Hello to all!

I am still living in Austria, but I want to inform myself about the life in Nigeria, because there might be a chance that my Child, my husband and me will move to Asaba, Delta State, to the family of my husband.

I have heard many stories about white women being kidnapped... what is true about those stories?
Also the ongoing Biafra war... is Asaba affected by it?

Is Asaba safe for my child and me? Who knows about life in Asaba?

If it is not safe, which towns or cities close by are safe to live in?

Thanks for sharing your experience with me!


Good evening. I'm a white American woman and lived in Warri, Delta State Nigeria for 10 years before moving to Lagos. I have traveled and stayed all up and down Delta, Asaba, Benin, etc.., never ever have I heard people  kidnapping " White Women". If anything people who are kidnapped are rich Nigerians and their family or foreigners on the sea, which are mainly men.  Please, whoever is giving you this information are misinformed. Now, Delta State is not super safe, you have to be aware of your surrounding and be smart. Its a unrest state for many reasons and you do need to be security cautious, but my husband is from Delta State and he knows many people so I was always felt safe and in good hands. I enjoyed living and being in Warri. Delta  people are friendly, interesting and vibrant.  So do GOOD research and be safe. Take care.

Thanks for your answers! ... It's Nigerians telling me such Stories. Are you working in Nigeria?  Greetings