Indian experience in Lagos

I'm from Chennai in India I come from a land of spices and aromatic food. When I say food, it is one of the important element for our survival. I love food and am a big foodie. I love to experiment with food and also love cooking. I'm married to a Nigerian!  Well! It might come as shock to many and as the saying goes Love is Blind. I got married a year ago and it was time for me to move to. I was asking my hubby if we would be able to get Indian spices. He said we would so I didn't pack any of those and left to Lagos Nigeria. 23hrs journey later I reached a place so sultry and everywhere or I should say anyone who met me called me Oyinbo and was expecting money from me. Well when I asked my hubby about it he said that is Nigeria for you. Well I know Nigeria is more. I had challenges a lot of them when I landed here a d still there are challenges. But I would suggest any Indians moving to Lagos pls pack a lot of spices even if u didn't pack you clothes it's fine as you can get better clothes here but spices are not like in India. Things are very expensive. And of course if you have a garden patch in the house you are gonna move into them try to plant some Indian plants they do grow well.

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