Need help to find tour agency in Belgium

I will be in Brussel from 11 April 2011 to 16 April 2011 for company training. During training my Belgian counterparts will bring us around Antwerp and others attractive places in Belgium. Afterward I plan to extend my trip personally to 24 April 2011 to explore other country like France. May I have the email or contact of local tour agency in Belgium to bring me to tour France for a few days? I tried Trafalgar, Contiki and Cosmos, they seems to start their tours from UK! May I have the one starting from Brussels?

Hello cmy ;)

I hope that other members will advise you for some reliable tour agency soon.


Wouldn't it be simpler to just go to France yourself and join something over there? I don't think most places randomly do tours starting in any random other countries. Those presumably have some tours that start in the UK as that is an English speaking country, so it makes sense as a starting point for English-speaking tours. But really, just hop on the train to Paris or whatever, and join something there.

Thank you Melby for your suggestion. I am now researching for the train ticket from Brussels to Paris. Any cheap recommendation for ticket and place to stay in Paris? There are many day tours to choose from so should not be a problem. It would be good if I can get the all in one package tour so I dun have to worry about accommodation and transport.

Well the train to Paris is highspeed, so it's not exactly cheap, but they do sometimes have it on offer. Just check the b-rail site and see if there's any going on that would help. If you're looking for a more discounted route, I imagine there is a bus that also goes, but it would take a lot longer.