Gyms in Brussels that donīt require long lasting memberships??

Hello :)
I recently moved to Brussels, and I am not sure exactly how long I will be living here, so thats why I am wondering if there are gyms (near the centre of Brussels) that do not require long lasting memberships? I mean ideal would be to get 1 month or 3 month membership. Does anyone know?

I would be very grateful for information :cool:

Area of Brussels?

oops sorry didn't read that well did I?
Trying now to rack my brains, try the smaller gyms, avoid ones whic market to anglophones like the Aspria or Health City chain.

How about here in WSL? They do 1/3/6/12 months and occasional use too.

or here, also in WSL?

Thank you very much! I will check them out :)

I finally remembered the name of another club near Montgomery roundabout, Fitnastic.

There is another one in Stockel which sort of markets to expats, but not as heavily as Aspria chain. Last time I looked it had prices on the website, now I cannot find them, think the website has been modified a bit, I remember it was more expensive than Physical Fitness, Fitnastic, Woluwe, but no-where near Aspria prices, perhaps €600? … &langue=fr

You might find gyms near to your home / work by simply googling "fitness club COMMUNE". These are simply the 4 nearest gyms to where I live, discounting Aspria of course.

If there is a oxygen fitness around near there I know you can buy a pass for 10 or 20 visits as well as there general membership

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