In Belgium, are there channels like HBO, SHOWTIME, & PPV boxing?

I am looking for premium channels to see on a subscription based television or cable service.

Where would I go to subscribe if this is possible?

We have sky and nederlands tv in and we dont have those channels but we dont have a lot of channels films etc to

Many Networks literally do not allow broadcasting in Europe because of rights. Unfortunately also due to satellite coverage you cannot even setup a dish to receive (curvature of the earth..ect)

If you search online there are many, many ways of watching programmes and sometimes full channels for free. But I will not discuss the legality of doing it!

I don't mind paying extra & via internet is fine with me! I just want to watch some popular movies (made later than 1998) & some live boxing.

HBO, Showtime, & (obviously) PPV have the best boxing matches.

Well good thing about Dutch tv is most films are only ever subtitled so I can watch them in English. Prime is a good channel that is always advertising new movies. Stuff from cinema last year etc


For any boxing fights just watch online streams at then you avoid the pay per view charges.

Wow thanx for the info! Any idea whether tonight's HBO fights will be available on that sight?

caliboyinbelgium wrote:

Wow thanx for the info! Any idea whether tonight's HBO fights will be available on that sight?

You'll get all the PPV stuff, Boxing/superbowl etc.on that site or one similar..
I use for the premiership football that Sporting Telenet don't show ( Or I go to an Irish bar)

Here is a link to the fight tonight

Hi, is it possible to watch ppv showtime boxing in blegium??? Im just getting into boxing, have been more of an mma fan and obviously ufc fight pass is great. But I don't want to miss the upcomig floyd vs conor fight. Im really wondering cause as far as I know showtime boxing doesnt work in belgium

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